Wallenberg Neuroscience Center

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Wallenberg Neuroscience Center

The Wallenberg Neuroscience Center (WNC), which is a joint venture between Lund University and Lund University Hospital, contains fifteen research divisions with a focus on research into neurodegenerative diseases, stroke, epilepsy, neuroprotection, neural transplantation and cell signalling in the central nervous system.
The Gene Therapy Center is also housed at the WNC

Anders Björklund

Angela Cenci-Nilsson

Johan Jakobsson

Merab Kokaia

Olle Lindvall

Cecilia Lundberg

Malin Parmar

Åsa Petersén

Tadeusz Wieloch

Gunnar Gouras

Tomas Björklund

Jia-Yi Li

Christine Ekdahl Clementson

Maria Swanberg

Agnete Kirkeby