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17/11/01: Invitation to submit Letters of Intent (LOI) deadline 2017-12-15, 24.00


We now announce the final “fourth round” for new academic positions in the WCMM program and we invite research groups to submit a Letter of intent (LOI), describing a proposal for a research field adequate within the “Specialisation at Lund University” (see homepage).  We welcome suggestions in all relevant fields, also those already covered. We encourage LoI submissions in areas not yet covered in the WCMM program, including environments fusing several fields into a common theme. Details about how to write the LOI can be found below. Deadline for submission December 15th 2017, 24.00.

Please visit the web page www.med.lu.se/wcmm/ for more detailed information about the centre, grant, career packages, specialisation, organisation etc. The ambition is to create a number of research environments, constituting one research package of a 100% academic career position as associate senior lecturer (BUL), together with a 50% clinical researcher. As mentioned on the web page referred to above, the program intends to put in place conditions for world-leading molecular and translational research, hence candidates for the academic positions encompassed by the program must be of the highest international excellence and with significant international experience.

Furthermore, we strongly envision an ideal scenario with a translational platform on which basic and clinical researchers work together with a common research question from the lab bench into clinical care.

During 2015-2017, three rounds of invitations for Letters of Intent have so far been made by WCMM Lund, resulting in job announcements in the fields of molecular medicine/regenerative medicine. Areas covered so far is nervous system, cardiovascular system, hematopoietic system, diabetes, the respiratory system, nervous system/plasticity and function, musculoskeletal and cancer.


Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine at Lund University

Deadline for submission: December 15 2017 24.00

Submit the LOI via email to the WCMM/LBIC administrator: Andrea.Nord@med.lu.se

General Information:
LOI contents:
The LOI must not exceed 5 pages in length, including references (font: Times New Roman 12). The LOI must contain the following topics:

  • Propose the research field in Regenerative Medicine, congruent with the description in “Specialisation at Lund University”. Please, note that even if your proposal does not fit into the topics given at the homepage, a motivated research field proposal within the general field of regenerative medicine will not be disregarded.
  • Describe the research environment, and the senior researchers active in it, where the recruited researcher(s) will work. This description should encompass experimental as well as clinical environments.
  • Describe the underlying clinical question and explain how translational research is planned.
  • Describe how the experimental and the clinical environments are, or can become, integrated.Describe which infrastructure(s) that is/are available in the proposed research field. Please, note that this call does not include funds for additional infrastructure.
  • Describe your view on the importance of your proposal for the Medical Faculty, the Region and their future.
  • Name and present potential candidates for the “career package” and the clinical position.
  • Short CVs (maximum 2 pages/candidate) for such proposed candidates may be included outside the 5 pages of text. At this time, we do not require that you contact possible applicants.

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