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NEWS 16/03/01: Two 50% clinical research positions within the WCMM, LU


Lund University and Skåne University Hospital hereby announce two clinical research positions within the Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine at Lund University (WCMM LU).

As part of the first call within the WCMM LU, one combined clinical/research position in each of the fields of: 1) Regeneration and repair in the nervous system and 2) Regeneration and repair in the cardiovascular system are now being announced.

The positions, financed by Region Skåne, run for 4 years and incorporate 50% clinical duty in combination with 50% research in one of the two above mentioned fields. Apart from full salary compensation for 50% research time, approximately
1.5MKr/year is allocated for project running costs. The positions are part of the WCMM LU initiative for translational research within molecular medicine, in which basic researchers and clinical scientists work in close cooperation with common research questions. Applicants must be young clinical researchers with the major part of their academic career in front of them. The applicant should hold a PhD, but an associate professorship (docentur) is considered a strong merit as is a
specialist competence within a relevant clinical field. A clinical position within Region Skåne or any affiliated partner is a requirement, however, candidates currently employed externally are welcome to apply, and if successful, will receive a position within Region Skåne.

Last application date: April 1, 2016, at 24.00.

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