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November 2017


Lars Herrnsdorf



Marie-Louise Aurumskjöld
Optimization of image quality and radiation dose with Iterative image reconstruction in Computed Tomography



Karl Östlund
Methods of localizing and quantifying radionuclide sources and deposition by means of in situ gamma spectrometry. Critical review of the peak-to-valley method based on experimental studies and case studies in Georgia and Japan.



Therese Geber
Retrospective radiation dosimetry using OSL in materials close to man -applications in emergency situations and their aftermaths



Martin Andersson
Dose estimations for diagnostic nuclear medicine. Improved anatomical and biokinetic models for assessment of organ absorbed dose and effective dose


uh avh

2016-12-15: Ünal Ören 

Radiation and radionuclide measurements at radiological and nuclear emergencies. Use of instruments and methods intended for Clinical radiology and nuclear medicine.

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2016_10-07: Magnus Dustler

Pressure distribution in mammography

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2016_09-09: Jonas Nilsson

Mobile Gamma Spectrometry: Optimisation and Development of Methods for Mapping and Locating Lost Radioactive Sources.

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2014-03-07: Marie Christiansson 

Household salt as an emergency radiation dosemeter for retrospective dose assessments using optically stimulated luminescence 

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2013-12-13: Pernilla Peterson 

Quantification of fat content and fatty acid composition using magnetic resonance imaging 

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2013-10-18: Marie Sydoff

Quantification methods for clinical studies in nuclear medicine - Applications in AMS, PET/CT and SPECT/CT

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2013-05-17: Daniel Förnvik

Measurement of tumor extent and effects of breast compression in digital mammography and breast tomosynthesis

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PK avh omslag

2012-10-12: Peder Kock

Orphan source detection in mobile gamma-ray spectrometry. Improved techniques for background assessment.

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2012-05-18: Fredrik Nordström

Quality assurance in radiotherapy. Development and evaluation of new tools for improved patient safety in external beam therapy

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2012-03-16: Marcus Söderberg

Image Quality Optimisation and Dose Management in CT, SPECT/CT, and PET/CT

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2011-10-07: Tony Svahn

Evaluation of image quality and diagnostic accuracy in breast tomosynthesis. Comparison with digital mammaography and estimates of radiation risk.

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2011-09-16: Pontus Timberg

Breast Tomosynthesis: Aspects on detection and perception of simulated lesions

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2011-09-09: Carl Siversson

Three-dimensional T1 quantification techniques for assessment of cartilage quality using dGEMRIC.

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2011-06-10: Christian Bernhardsson

Radiation exposure of human populations in villages in Russia and Belarus affected by fallout from the Chrnobyl reactor.

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2017-03-10 Hannie Petersson
 Optimering av brösttomosyntes med Monte Carlo-simuleringar



2016-11-22: Simon Kindvall
Regional quantification of pulmonary function with oxygen enhanced MRI 



2016-09-21: Marie Louise Aurumskjöld 
Iterativa bildrekonstruktioner inom CT-diagnostik med avseende på bildkvalitet och stråldos



2015-09-18: Martin Andersson kl 09:15. Lokal: 4151, plan 4. 
Biokinetic and dosimetric studies in diagnostic nuclear medicine – development and optimization with special reference to Fluorine-18 flutemetamol in patients with mild to moderate cognitive disorder 



2015-03-06: Lars Herrnsdorf



2015-02-27: Jonas Nilsson



2014-01-16: Magnus Dustler
The impact of pressure distribution on breast compression at mammography and tomosynthesis 



2014-01-24: Karl Östlund
Undersökning och mätningar av peak-to-valley-kvoter för nedträngningsbestämning vid utsläpp från kärntekniska anläggningar



2013-06-04: Ünal Ören 
Use of hospital equipment for radiological and nuclear emergency situations



2013-05-16: Therése Geber-Berglund
Nya metoder och detektormaterial för bestämning av absorberad dos



2012-04-24: Pernilla Peterson
Body composition and fat quantification with magnetic resonance imaging





2014-12-15: Mattias Jönsson
Titel: Optical surface sanning systems for breathing adapted radiotherapy and imaging 



2012-10-19: Mats Hansson 
Titel: Rapid determination of radionuclides associated with emergency preparedness using clinical imaging systems and air filters



Maria Christiansson:
Titel: Low dose retrospective radiation dosimetry using optically stimulated luminescence in household salt