The Segerfalk Symposium

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The Segerfalk Symposium

Welcome to the Segerfalk Symposium 2017!

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Place: BMC, Segerfalk lecture hall, Sölvegatan 17, Lund

New vistas on glial cells in health and disease

Once considered to be just a ‘glue’ to support neurons, glial cells are emerging as critical regulators of chemical homeostasis, synaptic plasticity, blood flow and immune responses in the brain. Our understanding of glial functions in health and disease is growing exponentially thanks to the availability of novel technologies for cell type-specific recording and stimulation in living animals, as well as cellular reprogramming methods in vitro.
The symposium gathers speakers who are making outstanding contributions to this field of research using different study approaches and animal models, including models of Parkinson´s and Alzheimer´s disease.

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Organising committee: Angela Cenci Nilsson, Tomas Deierborg, Tim Fieblinger and Laurent Roybon.

Co-funded by the Segerfalk Foundation & MultiPark & WCMM

In case of any questions, please contact Diana Jerman.

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