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2018-02 - Article published in Acta Biomaterialia. Gelatin promotes rapid restoration of the blood brain barrier after acute brain injury.

2018-03-14 - Article published in Neuroinformatics, A Bit-Encoding Based New Data Structure for Time and Memory Efficient Handling of Spike Times in an Electrophysiological Setup.

2017-05-11 - Jens Schouenborg i Radio P4,

2017-04-21 - Jens Schouenborg i Vetenskapsradions Veckomagasin.

2017-02-23 - NRC recieved a new grant from the Swedish Research CouncilJens Schouenborg and NRC, as one of 18 applicants (out of 222 applications), was granted the Swedish Research Council (VR) "Research Environment Grant Natural and Engineering Sciences"! 24 MSEK over the period of 6 years.Co-applicants were Ole Kiehn KI and Ulf Nilsson LU.

2015-10-08 - English press release regarding article in Frontiers in Neuroscience.

2015-09-30 - Article published in Frontiers in Neuroscience "An array of highly flexible electrodes with a tailored configuration locked by gelatin during implantation—initial evaluation in cortex cerebri of awake rats". See the press release by Lund University here.

2015-02-19 - Forskargrupp med neurospecialitet flyttar in på Medicon Village. Nyhet från Medicon Village.

2015-02-17 - The NRC has moved from the BMC up to Medicon Village in Lund. Our new visiting address is Medicon Village, House 404 A2, Scheelevägen 2, Lund. Post & Deliveries: Medicon Village, NRC by 404 A2, Scheelevägen 8, 223 81 Lund.

2015-01-14 - Article published in Biomaterials "Size-dependent long-term tissue response to biostable nanowires in the brain". See press release in Swedish here.

2014-10-31 - Article published in Neuron "Spinal Cord Stimulation Alleviates Motor Deficits in a Primate Model of Parkinson Disease" Authors: Maxwell B. Santana, Pär Halje, Hougelle Simplico, Ulrike Richter, Marco Aurelio M. Freire, Per Petersson, Romulo Fuentes, Miguel A.L. Nicolelis. See press release in Swedish here.

2014-09-04 - Article published in Journal of Neuroscience "Spinal Cord Injury Enables Aromatic l-Amino Acid Decarboxylase Cells to Synthesize Monoamines" by among others Mengliang Zhang. See press release in Swedish here.

2014-01-17 - Dissertation: Stimulating the Brain: Ethical Perspectives on Deep Brain Stimulation & Nano Scaled Brain Machine Interfaces. Veronica Johansson, Thesis, Lund University. Lecture Hall, Medicon Village, Scheelev. 2 in Lund, kl 10:15-13. See even article on Medical Faculty homepage.

2013-09-13 - UR Samtiden - Lundaforskare föreläser 2013. Martin Garwicz "Prata med hjärnan".

2013-09-05 - Dissertation: Merging electronics and the brain - towards a fully biocompatible neural interface. Gustav Lind, Thesis, Lund University.

2013-07-02 - Professor Jens Schouenborg of the NRC spoke at the Almedalen week on Tuesday July 2nd, "Den uppkopplade hjärnan". See the interview here.

2013-05-08 - The NRC innovative electrodes will be on exhibit at the London Science Museum as part of the exhibition "Brain Mapping".

2013-02-20 - NRC is the first in the world with signals from brain nerve cells using ultra thin nanowires! Read more at this link:

Or in Swedish here:

2012-11-01 - Dissertation:  Signal Modeling and Data Reduction for Wireless Brain-Machine Interfaces. Palmi Thor Thorbergsson, Thesis, Lund University. Se även Nyheter från Medicinska Fakulteten.

2012-06-14 - The Neuronano Research Center received a very favourable half-time report from the Swedish Research Council. The Neuronano Research Center was considered outstanding and has been awarded a 20% increase in funding, which is the higest increase in funding of all Linnaeus Centers in Sweden. Click here to see the VR press release and here to see the report.

2006-06-29 -  En halv miljard till Lunds Universitet - Lund Universitet

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