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MoReLife is a cross-faculty network at Lund University with the aim to promote infrastructure and technology development in Life Science. A specific aim is to promote interaction and exchange with the large scale facilities MAX IV and ESS, including to build competence among life science researchers to use synchrotron and neutron radiation. 

By bringing researchers from different disciplines and competence centra together MoReLife creates a venue for exchange of ideas and competence, and forms a platform where new research projects emerge, without discipline or faculty borders. MoReLife represents the Life Science researchers at Lund University and has a email list for sharing information to those that signed up.

Do you want to use MoReLife? It is free of charge and we can

  • guide you in the Life Science infrastructure ecosystem of Lund University and to some extent also outside
  • help you disseminate information about your Life Science relevant seminar, workshop or similar
  • arrange seminars, workshops or similar on a suggested topic
  • bring together representatives from different competence groupings at Lund University, MAX IV, ESS, SciLifeLab and elsewhere for discussions on specific themes
  • bring information forward from the researchers to university and faculty leadership and management, to funding bodies etc

Please contact for signing up to the email list, or for any questions, ideas or suggestions. MoReLife is a network and want to be of use for you - do not hesitate to contact us!


News & recent events

MoReLife was infrastructure of the month in June!

Have a look at the web page and read the testimonials !

9th of May 2017 Protein Science Day theme Hamburg

The protein science day was again arranged at Lund University in May. This year it was a full day of protein science talks from researchers from LU/MAX IV/ESS and Hamburg!

More information

Registration and contact:

March 29th 2017 MoReLife Day with SciLifeLab

The 29th of March there was a MoReLife day at Chemistry Centrum with a session before lunch dedicated to internal LU discussions and the afternoon with presentations of Lund University and SciLifeLab infrastructure resources! 

Questions, please contact


"3D Image analysis". Co-organized by Imaging of 3D structures, Imaging for Life and MoReLife. For more information contact


"Imaging at ELETTRA".  Co-organized by Imaging of 3D structures, Imaging for Life and MoReLife. For more information contact

2nd Imaging for Life


"Novel Imaging Modalities for Biomedical Research", seminar by Marian Cholewa at BMC D15, Belfrage lecture hall 9.30 Tuesday the 28th of June.

Co-organized by MAXIV, Imaging for Life and MoReLife

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