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Group leaders at the Division of Molecular Hematology. Photo: Katarina Branzén

Dysfunctional blood cell development can have fatal consequences on human health, with implications for several key areas of modern medicine, including amongst others the broad research areas of oncology and immunology. The Division of Molecular Hematology (DMH) aims to generate new knowledge about the regulation of blood cell development by applying recent advances in stem cell technology, in order to dissect the molecular regulation of hematopoiesis. Our mission is to translate this information into clinical contexts to advance the full potential of regenerative medicine.


Dimitra Zacharaki

Division of Molecular Hematology, Department of Laboratory Medicine

Title: "Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stromal Stem Cells in Health and Disease"

Date: September 21, 2018 at 13.00

Place: Segerfalksalen, BMC A10

Opponent: Professor Dominique Bonnet, Francis Crick Institute, UCL, London, UK

Main supervisor: Professor Stefan Scheding

Chair: Professor Johan Richter


In the beginning of June, the Crafoord Foundation took decisions on this year's open call for research grants. Four grants were awarded to researchers at the Divisions of Molecular Hematology and Molecular Medicine and Gene Therapy. We congratulate Filipe Pereira, Johan Flygare, Pavlos Englezou, and Sofie Singbrant Söderberg on their success in receiving funding.

Special congratulations to Pavlos Englezou, postdoctoral fellow in Ewa Sitnicka's group, for receiving his first grant in Sweden worth 300 000 SEK for the project entitled Identifying key NK cell regulators to improve NK cell-based therapy against leukaemia”.

Complete list of funded projects: 

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Christina Jensen

One of the most critical issues for our understanding of normal and malignant blood cell development is to resolve the developmental trajectories by which a mutlipotent stem cell differentiates into a mature blood cell.

In a coming issue of the Journal of Experimental Medicine, JEM, Jensen et al. identify novel progenitor cells linking the multipotent progenitor to the B-lymphoid lineage, thereby untangling another branch of the hematopoietic tree. 

Congratulations to all authors!

christian ashworth

Please welcome our new summer student Christian Ashworth to the Yuan group. Christian is a first-year student from the Biomedicine master program from the UK and will be working on in situ fate mapping of early life derived B cells in adult mice. He will be staying with us for the next two months.

Welcome to our Division and to Lund Stem Cell Center, Christian.

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On May 24, Trine Ahn Kristiansen, Division of Molecular Hematology, defended her thesis entitled "Switching ON Fetal B Lymphopoiesis".

Faculty opponent was Professor Ana Cumano, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France. Main supervisor for Trine's PhD studies was Assistant Professor Joan Yuan.

Very well done, Dr Kristiansen!

Photo credit: Claire McKay

Head of division

mikael sigvardsson

Professor Mikael Sigvardsson

Division of Molecular Hematology
Phone: +46 708 320 120


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