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Microscopy Community

The Microscopy Community at Lund University (MiCLU) is promoting imaging with a special focus on correlative 3D imaging with microscopy and microscopic analysis at Lund University. The main role of MiCLU is to provide planning for good access at Lund University to advanced equipment and methods in microscopy and microscopic analysis. 


MiCLU has the following tasks:

1. To be an advisory body to the Vice Chancellor and Faculty Deans at Lund University

2. To co-ordinate existing infrastructure, aiming at efficient use and maximal availability

3. To monitor, on a yearly basis, the current needs, and suggest actions for maintaining state-of-the-art facilities

4. To follow the technological development and plan for emerging and future infrastructure needs

5. To co-ordinate initiatives for applications to external funding bodies

6. To when needed act as a Lund University node for national infrastructure

7. To work for coordination and synergism between imaging resources at LU, MAX IV and ESS as well as other regional and national infrastructures 



Steering Board of MicLU 

Heiko Herwald, chair of MicLU, Medical Faculty

Reine Wallenberg, Faculty of Engineering

Dan E. Nilsson, Science Faculty

Angela Cenci-Nilsson, Medical Faculty

NN, student representative

Co-opted to the board is director Kajsa M. Paulsson, Medical Faculty

kajsa m paulsson

Events and news


Coming events

September 12th National Microscopy Infrastructure (NMI) Sweden (nmisweden.se) Iorganize sa clearing/expansion sample preparation symposium. More info, see link

September 13th National Microscopy Infrastructure (NMI) Sweden (nmisweden.se) organizes a hands-on course – see link.

Electron microscopy for life scientists, free of charge for PhD students from LU.

The course gives an introduction to both SEM TEM. A major part of the course consists of practical work on preparing and imaging the attendant’s own material. More info here

Workshop on Advanced Microscopy for Life Sciences 25th to 27th of Sep., arranged in Lund by National Microscopy Infrastructure (NMI) Sweden (nmisweden.se). Registration and more info here.  


ARTiS 2018. Do you have a cool microscopy picture? Join the contest on ART and SCIENCE at the University of Copenhagen.

The ARTiS 2018 contest is open for submissions until July 31. The picture exhibition organised last year got ca. 3500 visitors in ca. 4 hours, and many more on the website.
More info 

Recent news and events

25-28 June 2018 the 69th Annual Conference of the Nordic Microscopy Society (SCANDEM2018) - an interdisciplinary forum for electron microscopy. Venue: Technical University of Denmark. 



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