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Researchers at Lund University already have a strong international position in two major areas of somatic stem cell and cell therapy research:

  •  Neural cell replacement therapies for central nervous system (CNS) disorders
  •  Hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) biology and gene therapy

The sections of Neurobiology and Restorative Neurology have an internationally leading position in CNS disease models and experimental cell therapy, and have been pioneers in developing cell replacement therapy for Parkinson's disease.

In the hematopoietic field, the medical faculty has over the last years made key recruitments and considerable investments in HSC research by establishing new Departments of Stem Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine and Gene Therapy. These two departments have jointly established one of the largest and strongest research programs in Europe on fundamental aspects of HSC and HSC transplantation biology, regulation of hematopoietic development, as well as development of gene therapy for HSC, coupled to a clinical HSC transplantation program.

These well-established clinical-experimental interactions form the basis for Stem Cell Center (SCC) established at the Biomedical Center in Lund. The SCC consists of three parts located under one roof:

  •  The new Stem Cell Institute focusing on studies of fundamental aspects of stem cell and developmental biology
  •  Preclinical Research focusing on development of cell replacement therapies using animal disease and transplantation models
  •  Clinical Research consisting of clinical research units for HSC transplantation, neural cell replacement, and stem cell based gene therapy.

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