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UniStem Day Friday 15th March 2019


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Europe-wide stem cell engagement

Each year UniStem organizes an outreach event on stem cell research dedicated to high school students. This event, UniStem Day, is currently the largest educational outreach initiative on stem cells and regenerative medicine in Europe. The aim of UniStem Day is to stimulate young students' curiosity, raise questions and provide information about the current state and the potential of stem cell research. 

UniStem Day 2019 at Lund Stem Cell Center

Building upon the success of the last years, scientists from Lund Stem Cell Center will host their fifth outreach event on stem cells open to high school students. The event will take place on Friday March 15, 2019. The morning will be devoted to lectures and a web-based interactive event with other UniStem sites across Europe. In the afternoon we will offer lab visits, multiple hands-on sessions as well as workshops.

More information can be found here.

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