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Research Engineer position available: Facility Manager of the StemTherapy Electrophysiology Core Facility


electrophysiology core

Open position: Facility Manager of our Electrophysiology Core Facility.

Job description:

As the facility manager the applicant will be leading the StemTherapy Electrophysiology Core Facility at Stem Cell Centre, Lund University. The duties include advising scientists regarding electrophysiological recordings from cultured cells and acute tissue slices, designing, performing, analysing and reporting of electrophysiological experiments. StemTherapy Electrophysiology Core interact with a variety of different groups, mainly working in the field of neuroscience. As the facility manger is also involved in the development of the Electrophysiology Core by keeping an eye open for new techniques and/or technical approaches and implementing these, in case of need.

Further information on qualifications and how to apply can be found here.

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