Translational Cancer Research

Faculty of Medicine | Lund University


School Aims

The primary goal of the CARES School will be to provide a comprehensive set of method-based and clinically-relevant courses for graduate students at Gothenburg and Lund University.  The courses will broaden the education of Ph.D. students at both universities and empower the students to reflect on the most important concepts in cancer research today and incorporate this knowledge into their own research.  Students will be exposed to lectures by leading scientists and clinicians, and receive practical and hands-on experience with modern methods and analytical techniques such as biostatistics, next-generation sequencing, and proteomics. Moreover, non-clinical Ph.D. students will have the opportunity to shadow clinicians in their day-to-day work with patients. Fundamentally, the CARES School aims to bridge the gap between bench and bedside by strengthening the translational connections through reciprocal coursework and the networking prospects provided by its interregional nature.

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