Translational Cancer Research

Faculty of Medicine | Lund University


Educational Program

The CARES School will be organized around an 18-month educational cycle.  The second cycle starts fall 2016. The backbone will be a mandatory participation in the advanced seminars and retreats organized by BioCARE. Coupled to these advanced seminars and retreats, at least 9 courses will be offered during each 18-month cycle.  Each module will be approximately 1 week in duration, and will cover a broad range of subjects that will form a solid translational foundation for the early Ph.D. student, be they pre-clinical or clinical. 

Applications will be reviewed by an admissions committee, and students selected on the basis of their academic record, personal motivation statement, and letters of support. Students enrolled in CARES will have priority when filling the course modules. Should any course be unfilled by currently enrolled students, the course will be opened to any Ph.D. student.

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