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During the last decade, cancer research has witnessed revolutionary methodological and technological advancements.  Moreover, research in many ways has become increasingly multi-disciplinary.  These changes in how cancer research is conducted are vital, but also pose a significant challenge for the contemporary biomedical Ph.D. student.  How does one obtain a comprehensive understanding of the current state-of-the-art, the potentials and pitfalls of new technologies, the skills to critically evaluate articles, or insights on how to incorporate new methods into their own projects? 

Cancer Research South (CARES) was initiated 2014 based on a grant from the Swedish Cancer Foundation. The CARES School is aimed at providing a comprehensive set of method-based and clinically-relevant courses for graduate students at Gothenburg and Lund University.  The courses will broaden the education of Ph.D. students at both universities and empower the students to reflect on the most important concepts in cancer research today and incorporate this knowledge into their own research. 

The CARES School will cooperate with the VR-funded strategic research program BioCARE that is already shared between the universities of Lund and Gothenburg.  BioCARE primarily focuses on organizing retreats and advanced seminars for young cancer researchers in southern Sweden.  Thus, the BioCARE networking framework will complement the CARES School, allowing students the opportunity to branch their research connections early during their studies.  All student-members of BioCARE are eligible to apply to the CARES School. 


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