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Lund center for Stem Cell Biology and Cell Therapy is one of six Swedish strategic centers of excellence in life sciences, supported by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. Established in January 2003, the center focuses on stem cell and developmental biology of the central nervous and blood systems, and development of stem cell and cell replacement therapies in these organ systems as well as research in non-mammalian model systems.


shubhranshu debnath
Shubhranshu Debnath

On September 6, Shubhranshu Debnath will defend his thesis entitled "Development of novel therapies for Diamond Blackfan anemia".

Time and venue

Wednesday September 6 at 9 am; Segerfalk Lecture Hall, BMC A10


Read more for further details

ruimin ge
Dr. Ruimin Ge

On June 12 Ruimin Ge successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Inflammation and stem cell therapy for stroke".
 Faculty opponent was Professor Shohreh Issazadeh-Navikas who is Head of Neuroinflammation Unit at the Biotech Research and Innovation Centre at the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

The main supervisor for Ruimin's PhD studies was Professor Zaal Kokaia.

 Congratulations, Dr Ge!

carolina guibentif portrait
Dr. Carolina Guibentif

On May 11, Carolina Guibentif successfully defended her thesis entitled "Modelling Human Developmental Hematopoiesis - Towards in vitro Generation of Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells".
 Faculty opponent was Professor Nancy A. Speck from the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA. Main supervisor for Carolina's PhD studies was Associate Professor Niels-Bjarne Woods.

ruimin spikning
Ruimin Ge thesis spikning

Congratulations to PhD student Ruimin Ge (Kokaia group) for successfully completing and nailing his thesis on the 31st May 2017.

Ruimin will defend his thesis entitled "Inflammation and stem cell therapy for stroke" on Monday 12 June at 13:00 at Segerfalksalen, BMC A10.

Faculty opponent: Professor Shohreh Issazadeh-Navikas, Head of Neuroinflammation Unit, Biotech Research and Innovation Centre, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Main supervisor: Professor Zaal Kokaia 

Chair: Professor Per Odin


rodrigo cataldo bascunan
Rodrigo Cataldo Bascunan

Please welcome Rodrigo Cataldo Bascunan who recently joined the Artner Group as a postdoctoral fellow.

Rodrigo will be working towards understanding the role of neurotransmitter signaling in β-cell function and how these processes are regulated by Maf transcription factors.

Welcome to the Stem Cell Center, Rodrigo!

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