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CARES (Cancer Research South) School is a graduate research school for PhD students in cancer research and is a collaboration between Lund University (LU) and University of Gothenburg (UGOT) under the umbrella of BioCARE. 

Tumor Biology (BIMM21)

The course in Tumor Biology (BIMM21) is organised by TCR once a year. It is a 7.5 ECTS course which is part of the Master Programme in Biomedicine. 

The course focuses on genes that cause cancer and their normal function in the cell. Aetiology. Cancer epidemiology, growth factors and signal transduction. Transcription factors. Cell-cycle control and apoptosis. Heredity and cancer. Tumour progression and metastasis. The interaction between the tumour cell and normal cells. Angiogenesis. Tumour virology. Tumour immunology. Radiation treatment. Chemotherapy. In addition, more specified lectures covers clinical aspects of colon- and prostate cancer and pediatric oncology.

The course is based on problem based learning (PBL). It also contains Journal clubs, Pathology demonstrations and two fulltime laboratory weeks. The laboratory work serves to illustrate some central methods used in modern experimental tumour biology including cell culture, transfection of mammalian cells, transcription factor reporter gene assays, immunohistochemistry, RT-PCR, protein analyses and cancer bioinformatics.

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