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Translational Cancer Research

The Division of Translational Cancer Research (TCR) was founded 2013 in conjunction with the formation of Lund University Cancer Center (LUCC) at Medicon Village.

Our mission is to understand fundamental mechanisms of tumor development. This is a difficult task therefore we have created TCR to tackle this problem at different levels. TCR consists of seven research groups with different areas of expertise, but together working on project with the common goal of improving cancer diagnostics and cancer therapy. The research groups belonging to TCR systematically collect multidisciplinary data focused on the mammalian setting for enhanced medical relevance. 

The focus of our experimental settings includes human genetics, mouse genetics, human tissue platforms, stem cell biology and in addition analyzing human patients materials, aiming at creating novel diagnostic tools and novel therapeutic modalities. We believe that the impact of ongoing projects at TCR will open up new horizons and opportunities for individualized treatment of cancer patients, which includes diagnostic tests for matching the right drug to the right patient.


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