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The overall objectives are to demonstrate that stem cell-based cell replacement therapy is effective and safe, to provide therapeutic candidates for stroke, diabetes and hematological diseases, and to build a strong base of knowledge about stem cells and disease mechanisms to pave the way for future efforts to devise new clinically effective treatments.


Andreas Svensson
Andreas Svensson

Title of the thesis: Mesenchymal stromal cells into malignant glioma. Functions and Therapeutic potential. Main supervisor: Associate Professor Johan Bengzon. Opponent: Professor Lene Uhrbom, Uppsala. Chairman of the defense: Professor Emeritus Leif Salford. Time: 2015-09-18 13:00 Location: Segerfalk Hall, Wallenberg Neuroscience Center, Sölvegatan 17, Lund


Joan Yuan in SCC and danstem meeting

Lund stem cell center PIs get together with Danish stem cell researchers for a day of scientific exchange at BMC. Coorganized by Joan Yuan (LSCC) and Palle Serup (Danstem).




ewa sitnicka quinn

The immune system recognizes and protects our body against different types of pathogens and is divided into the innate and adaptive immunity. While the adaptive T and B lymphocytes provide long-lasting specific protection, the innate immune system represents the fast first line of the defense. Natural killer (NK) cells are lymphocytes that belong to the innate immune system, where they play a central role in rapidly eliminating virus-infected and transformed cancer cells. NK-cells are not only specialized in killing these target cells, but they also produce regulatory cytokines that increase the response of the adaptive immune system.

stefan scheding

Congratulations to Stefan Scheding, who was recently awarded 2 million SEK funding from The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation to develop a method that enables the removal of tumor cells from stem cell transplants. This year, six out of ten proposals within the call for research and development projects in medical engineering received funding.

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