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Lactic Acid Bacteria from honeybees: food and medical applications

In 2005 Tobias Olofsson and Alejandra Vásquez discovered that a large battery of beneficial bacteria resides within honeybees in a structure called honey crop. The honey crop is the organ where honeybees collect nectar for honey production.

The discovery of novel Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) within honeybees and their honey have started a new research at Lund University and it extends to three different research areas:

  • Functional food
  • Medical applications
  • Bee health

These LAB are symbionts of honeybees and show very interesting properties that we are currently characterizing.

Our research focus into the antimicrobial properties of these novel bacteria in order to apply them in functional food and as alternative medical tools against infections. Moreover, we investigate their role in bee health in collaboration with other universities.

We are a multidisciplinary research group and have collaboration with national and international universities around Europe and with the industry.


PhD Alejandra Vásquez


PhD Tobias Olofsson


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