Medical Microbiology

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Medical Microbiology

Welcome to the Division of Medical Microbiology. Medical Microbiology is a part of the Department of Laboratory Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University and consists of the sections of Bacteriology and Virology.


Research at the Section of Bacteriology includes bacteriology, mycology and parasitology. We study the pathogenesis in experimental and natural infections, characterization of microorganisms and virulence factors, development of experimental vaccines and immuno- and DNA-based diagnostics, microbial metabolites and public health microbiology.


Research at the Section of Virology focuses on human papillomavirus (HPV), influenza and the retroviruses human and simian immunodeficiency virus (HIV and SIV, respectively). Research on HIV and SIV is focusing on immune responses to these viruses, as well as their biological properties and variability of their genomes. Current work on influenza focuses on RNA proteins interactions and RNA splicing regulation. Research efforts on HPV include regulation of viral and cellular gene expression in HPV-infected cells, in particular the role of RNA-protein interactions in gene regulation. The role of these host factors in the control of viral gene expression, and in the transformation of the HPV infected cell to a cancer cell is investigated.


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