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Viveka Lyberg Åhlander

Main areas

Viveka Lyberg-Åhlander, is a reg. Speech Pathologist since 1991 and has a PhD since April 2011, with the thesis: “Voice use in teaching environments: Speakers’ comfort”.

She has worked as a voice clinician since 1991.

Viveka Lyberg Åhlander  holds a post-doc position within the Linnaeus’ environment (CCL) in Lund March 2014-March 2016.

Before entering the CCL post-doc, Lyberg-Åhlander’s research-focus was mainly the teacher voice in relation to the sound environment in the classroom and on the teachers’ occupational and vocal health. The research theme has now expanded to include also children’s perception of the teacher’s voice and communication. Lyberg-Åhlander’s current research focuses on how dynamic aspects of the speakers' speech (teachers' voice quality and speech rate) interact with surrounding noise, task complexity and school children’s cognitive capacities.

 Lyberg-Åhlander is a member of the board of the Sound Environment Centre (Ljudmiljöcentrum) at Lund University.

She is also a member of an advanced study group at the Pufendorf Institute: AVaCO (advanced vocal and choral orders). Lyberg-Åhlander co-supervises two PhD-students: Susanna Whitling, medical faculty, in her work on vocal load and vocal recovery processes, and Sverker Zadig, faculty of performing arts, in his work about informal leadership and communication in choirs.


Lyssna 2015 - Viveka Lyberg Åhlander

EIAS 2015 - Voice use and vocal comfort in Swedish teaching staff

"Lundaforskare föreläser 2013" - Lärarens viktiga röst

Statens specialskolemyndighet: Bra ljudmiljö i skolan

Sound education

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Lecturer and Certified Speech Pathologist

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