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Tania Ramos Moreno

Scientific interests

My previous Post-doctoral post was in Dr. Alberto Martinez-Serrano’s laboratory in Madrid, focusing on cell-based therapies and genetic approaches for Parkinson’s Disease. I have experience in molecular biology and Zinc Finger Nuclease technology to obtain homologous recombination in embryonic stem cells together with stem cell grafting and behavioral testing in rodents. My background also encompasses classical neuroscience techniques, including stereotaxic surgery and the use of tracers, confocal microscopy, immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry since my PhD Thesis focused on the structure of the mammalian cortex and the GABAergic afferents to layer I, with an emphasis on the Martinotti cells and the cortical interneuron network.
 I am currently studying the integration of induced neurons and embryonic stem cells in models of Parkinson’s Disease and Genetic Therapies for brain pathologies, specifically Epilepsy. I am combining the latest studies with approaches to dissect brain circuitries by the use of Optogenetics. Specifically, my work is now mainly focused on the understanding of the role of interneurons located in the oriens strata in Dentate Gyrus and alterations in the formation of the hippocampal network when suffering from epilepsy. My aim is to understand how brain circuitries work in normal conditions and also, the causes for changes that this network experiences when developing pathological conditions. By understanding these processes we might be able to find novel approaches to treat different pathological brain conditions and mental diseases, such as epilepsy.


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Publications under preparation

  • Ramos-Moreno T and Martinez-Serrano A. Behavioral effects of functional hVM clones overexpressing Bcl-XL. Under preparation.
  • Ramos-Moreno T and Martinez-Serrano A. Behavioral tests used in rodents in Parkinson’s Disease Research. Review. Under preparation.



Country - Spain
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Email - Tania.Ramos_Moreno@med.lu.se

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