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Artificial intelligence / machine learning in Lund (@AIML) - Theme day Medicine

Tid: 2018-10-12 Kl 09:45
Sluttid: Kl 15:30
Plats: BMC, Segerfalksalen, Sölvegatan 19, Lund.
Kontakt: Einar Heiberg,

Open to all interested in AI/ML in medicine at Lund University and Region of Scania.


  • Inventory and information about on ongoing or planned projects in artificial intelligence and machine learning in medicine.
  • Day to make connections and exchange experiences. Examples on common challenges are specific for the medicine are 1) large scale image management, 2) extract images from PACS system, 3) privacy and GDPR, 4) Computational capacity inside hospital firewall.


The program is formed from a fika to fika concept to ensure ample opportunities for interaction. Before lunch is intended for a wider audience and more overview, and after lunch are focused more on practical challenges, hands on, and taking next steps. 

09:45-10:15: Fika and informal discussions

10:15-10:30: Introduction remark / current funding opportunities (Einar Heiberg)

10:30-11:40: Slots for project presentations ongoing or under startup

  • Development of PET-CT image biomarkers (Elin Trägårdh)
  • AI in breast cancer – detection and prognosis (Victor Dahlbom)
  • ANN for prediction of lymph nodes metastases in primary breast cancer (Looket Dihge)
  • Left ventricle segmentation – how much data do we need? (Christos Xanthis)

11:40-12:00:  Why AI/ML will not replace radiologists, strength and weaknesses of the human brain. What should we use AI/ML for in medicine? (Einar Heiberg)

12:00-13:15: Mingle lunch

13:15-14:30: Slots for: “These are our challenges”, “This is how we solved this”, “demonstration”

  • Management of large scale image data (Helen Fransson, AIDA project)
  • Image processing and computational cluster for the BioFinder study (Olof Strandberg)
  • Hands-on example on machine learning (Johan Nilsson)

14:30-15:00: Next step – panel discussion

15:00- Fika and closing informal discussion

REGISTRATION: (until further in Swedish)

Registration for project presentations for slots before or after lunch are done in the registration form. Are you uncertain if a topic fit or not, call or email Einar at 076-183 64 42, or . Suggestions on other lecturers are greatly appreciated.

Upcoming AIML@LU related events
16 November: Unga Neurologer Symposium HT 2018; Artficiell intelligens  och maskininlärning. Nya redskap idag och i framtiden


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