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Malmö Cancer Seminars with Per Hall, KI

Tid: 2018-02-14 Kl 12:00
Sluttid: Kl 13:00
Plats: Room 2005/2007 (located on the 2nd floor, behind the glass doors next to the elevators and staircase.) Inga Marie Nilsson´s street 49, SUS Malmö.
Kontakt: Anna Holst,

Speaker: Per Hall, Professor, MD PhD, Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
Title: “Individualized prevention and screening of breast cancer: is it possible?”

Host: Sophia Zackrisson

My overall and most important scientific goal is to lower the incidence and mortality of breast cancer, a potentially fatal disease that is increasing dramatically throughout the world. One woman a minute is diagnosed with breast cancer in Europe. In order to do decrease incidence, a tool that identifies the individual risk of breast cancer has to be identified. Such a tool should answer the question "Who are the women that will be diagnosed with breast cancer?". The risk prediction tool has to include detailed information on lifestyle factors, genetic markers and something called mammographic density. Several of my projects aim to identify these markers. When we are able to identify women at high risk we will offer means to influence the risk.


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