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SciLifeLab-information meeting

Tid: 2012-04-24 Kl 13:15
Sluttid: Kl 15:30
Plats: Segerfalksalen, BMC, Sölvegatan 19, Lund
Kontakt: Kajsa Paulsson,

SciLifeLab - a national resource to enable your research.

Welcome to SciLifeLab information meeting in Lund!

Following an invitation from the MoReLife network, members of SciLifeLabs in Uppsala will be visiting Lund on April 24.

The SciLifeLab-information meeting aims to inform life science researchers and other interested parties at Lund University about the technology platforms and services at SciLifeLab that are available to all researchers in Sweden.


  • 13.15-14.30. SciLifeLab – platform technologies, services and case studies: Kerstin Lindblad Toh (Director SciLifeLab)
  • 14.30-15.30 Poster session and mingle

SciLifeLab representatives:

  • Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Director SciLifeLab Uppsala, Professor Comparative genomics Uppsala University, Scientific Director Vertebrate Genome Biology, Broad Institute)
  • Alwyn Jones, Professor Structural Biology, Uppsala University)
  • Maria Sörby, Site Director SciLifeLab Uppsala)

There will also be opportunities for face-to-face meetings in conjuncture with the information presentation. Please contact us (Kajsa or Martin) as soon as possible if you are interested to discuss how the SciLifeLab platforms can support your research.  

The Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) is a national infrastructure for large-scale biological and medical research with a focus on genomics, proteomics, biobank profiling, comparative genetics and systems biology. The center combines advanced technical know-how and state-of-the-art equipment with a broad knowledge-base in translational medicine and technology-driven molecular bioscience. The center allows combination of “omics” approaches for integration of large-scale data generated “in-house” and through similar efforts internationally. The SciLifeLab initiative spans four universities (Uppsala University, Stockholm University, Karolinska Institute and KTH) and two sites, one in Stockholm and one in Uppsala.


Kajsa Paulsson och Martin Johansson

Kajsa Paulsson, forskarassistent,
Martin Johansson, forskare,


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