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Alla händelser den 20 Mars

  • LUDC seminar: Extremism can be useful
    Startar: 2019-03-20 Kl 09:00
    Pågår till: 2019-03-21 Kl 14:00

    The large-scale genome-wide association studies significantly contributed to the identification of a substantial number of genetic variants associated with complex metabolic conditions such as obesity and diabetes. Nevertheless, given that many of the genomic loci reside in the non-coding regions it is very difficult to design appropriate biological experiments for functional validation. Recent evidence from a number of successful examples from genotype-based recall demonstrated not only validity of the genomic discoveries and but also illuminated novel biological mechanisms through detailed targeted physiological investigations in these extreme individuals. How to unmask the most impactful categories of phenotypic and genotypic extremes will be discussed during our joint LUDC/UiB/FIMM meeting “Extremism can be useful” at CRC in Malmö, CRC.
  • Malmö Cancer Seminars
    Startar: 2019-03-20 Kl 12:00
    Pågår till: Kl 13:00

    Speaker: Ulrika Axelsson, Deputy Director CREATE Health, Translational Cancer Center, Lund University
    Title: “Resilience and disease progression - Does the body and mind axis affect outcome?”
  • Forum Medicum - aktuell information
    Startar: 2019-03-20 Kl 14:45
    Pågår till: Kl 16:20

    Håll dig uppdaterad om vad som händer kring Forum Medicum.


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