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EMV Newsletter March

First Newsletter 2016

This letter will from now on be published on Intramed and sent out last Thursday of each month. If you want to communicate through this newsletter, contact the editor. Katarina Branzén (

This is going on right now...

We are very proud for the work of our students and their supervisors. Last year a large number of very good thesis were presented by the Department's PhD students, and among them, Fredrik Johansson's was elected the best PhD thesis 2015 within the Faculty.

We are currently planning for “medarbetarsamtal”. All employees are divided between the Head and the Deputy Heads.

Karl Swärd Deputy Head for Undergraduate Studies, was involved in discussions with Christer Larsson and Peter Svensson regarding the recent announcement of the Course-leader positions. Christer was very keen that all qualified individuals actually applied and he wanted to have information regarding the finances of the applicants.

We (Madeleine Durbeej-Hjalt, Deputy Head for Support and Development), have just started the major task to apply for a permission to handle flammable goods at Medicon Village.

We are organizing a course called "Building a robust collaboration culture". More information about this will be sent out to managers and group leaders.

An interview from San Francisco with Malin Åkerblom

Malin Åkerblom

"In the big picture, the best thing that could happen would be to contribute to novel regenerative strategies for the treatment of human disease, such as neurological and psychiatric disorders"


LUCRIS, Lund University’s research information system opens 11 April 2016
For us at EMV this means a whole new opportunity to present our research information publicly which we encourage you all to take advantage of. For those of you who want help with LUCRIS do not hesitate to contact the department's communication officer Katarina, , 0727-332422.

HMS nyheter (in Swedish)

Vacation 2016

It’s time to start planning this year’s vacation together with your research group leader or manager. 

If you cannot find answers to your questions on the link above, please do not hesitate to contact your research group leader or personnel administrator Emma Linnér (


New board for EMV 2016

Jeanette Nilsson

Jeanette Nilsson has started her position as Administrator for Undergraduated Education.

Welcome Jeanette!

New administrative manager for EMV
Geanina Jonsson will be new administrative manager (starting June 1) since Eva Särbring will retire this summer.
Geanina will then take the overall responsibility for budget, accounting and forecasting, support to head of department and executive group.
A more detailed presentation of Geanina will be given in a later EMV-newsletter.


Martin Tamtè (31 Mars) - The role of the Cortico-Basal-ganglia system in voluntary movements
Sara Rolandsson (1 April) - Mesenchymal stromal cells in lung tissue
Madelene Dahlgren (22 April) - Regulation of the Germinal Center B cell response by Dendritic Cells and Type I Interferons.
Emil Tykesson (25 Maj) - Formation of Iduronic acid during biosynthesis of chondroitin/dermatan sulfate.

EMV Styrelseprotokoll

Två nya protokoll finns publicerade på Intramed (in Swedish)

Seminars & conferences

NEUROSCIENCE DAY, Tuesday May 10th 2016, Fernström Lecture Hall, BMC in Lund!

Workshop on basal ganglia pathophysiological mechanism underlying motor dysfunction

Crafoords vetenskapsluncher 2016

WINGS is proud to present a workshop on gender-equal teaching practices

Frontiers in Neuroscience is organized by BAGADILICO and MultiPark

HT-dagarna (In Swedish)
HT-dagarna är ett årligen återkommande arrangemang med populärvetenskapliga 20-minutersföreläsningar öppna för alla som är nyfikna på humanistisk och teologisk forskning vid Lunds universitet.

Publications with affiliation EMV