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EMV Newsletter February

Madeleine Durbeej Hjalt, Foto K Ruona

Dear EMV members,

I hope you all have had a good start of the year!

We have just produced the financial disclosure for EMV. A summary of the past year shows that we ended with a small deficit, but it was a lot less than budgeted and all in all a very satisfactory result. EMV continues to grow. We have recruited Carol Nilsson as senior lecturer in experimental medical science. Carol has a strong background in molecular studies of cancer and has been a professor at the University of Texas and the director for the Swedish national infrastructure for biological mass spectrometry. I also want to congratulate Maria Swanberg and Cecilia Andersson, who have been awarded BUL-positions.

This time of year is also characterized by grant writing for VR and other agencies. Please take a look at the grants calendar ( for current funding opportunities. Grant writing surely involves a lot of work but I wish you all happy writing and hopefully a great grant approval rate for EMV.

Finally, I would like to remind you that I am sitting in “Prefektrummet” on I13 on Tuesdays. You are more than welcome to come by for a chat or discussions.

All the best! /Madeleine Durbeej-Hjalt, Head of Department

Karl Swärd

One challenge, not only for me but for the faculty as a whole, is to get the new Wallenberg fellows eligible for teaching and to get them positions as tutors etc. In this regard it is important to remind that fall teaching assignments were recently advertised. /Karl Swärd, Deputy Head for Undergraduate Studies

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Maria Kempe

My tasks include planning and coordination of various matters involving health, environment, and safety. There are several upcoming safety inspections during the spring. With a background in chemistry, I have an interest in chemical health hazards and safety aspects. /Maria Kempe, Deputy Head for Health, Environment and Safety Issues

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Bengt-Olof Nilsson

Besides the everyday routine challenges, it’s a great long-term challenge to facilitate for both PhD supervisors and students at the EMV with our unique situation, within the Medical Faculty, having almost exclusively full-time PhD students. /Bengt-Olof Nilsson Deputy Head for Post-Graduate Studies

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Till alla lärare på EMV!

PNL/Läkarprogrammet utlyser för intresseanmälan uppdraget som examinator för Homeostas-kursen (T3 på läkarprogrammet) VT2018-HT2020:

Intresseanmälan måste ha inkommit senast 18/2 2018 till Eva Piculell (, 
OBS! Man måste ha anställning som lärare för att kunna vara examinator.

LUCRIS for you and your group!

On the EMV page in LUCRIS, all research groups are listed in the right menu (follow the link below). Visit your LUCRIS group page to see if you have both text and image. If you don´t, please contact as soon as possible to get help with LUCRIS!

Nya EU lagstiftningen 2018 - betydelse för forskningen

Material från informationsmöte om den nya EU lagstiftningen 2018 av betydelse för forskning - för vidare spridning. På bloggen för det interna projekt som bedrivs vid Lunds universitet för att hantera denna fråga finns nyttig information.

Intresset för kommande dataskyddsförordningen (GDPR) växer och därmed antalet frågor om vad som i praktiken kommer att gälla när lagstiftningen börjar tillämpas den 25 maj 2018. 

Från 1 december 2017 har Lunds universitet nya avtal för kemikalier / From 1 December 2017 Lund University has signed new agreements for chemicals

Nyhetsbrev från Läkarprogrammet

Håll koll på nyheter från Läkarprogrammet i deras nyhetsbrev Nyhetsbrev från Läkarprogrammet

EMV Newsletter

If you want to communicate through this newsletter, contact the editor. Katarina Branzén (

Best Neurobiology section thesis award 2016

Best Neurobiology section thesis award 2016
Best Neurobiology section thesis award 2016

"Best Neurobiology section thesis award 2016" gick till Rana Soylu Kucharz och hennes avhandling Hypothalamic and Metabolic dysfunction in genetic models of Huntington’s disease.
På bilden fr v är Gunnar Gouras, Rana S K och hennes handledare Åsa Petersén

Defences of doctoral theses

Katarzyna M. Müller-Luda - biomedicine immunology
Title: Immune functions of intestinal dendritic cells
Main supervisor: professor William Agace Opponent: professor Caetano Reis e Sousa, London Chairman: universitetslektor Fredric Carlsson

Maria Pereira – biomedicine, Stem Cell Biology (stamcellsbiologi)
Title: Cell reprogramming as a way to produce new functional neurons. Main supervisor: professor Malin Parmar Opponent: professor Benedikt Berninger, Mainz Chairman: professor Anders Björklund

Antonio Jesús Boza-Serrano - biomedicine Neuroscience (neurovetenskap)
Title: Microglial cells in Neurodegenerative diseases. The role of Galectin-3 Main supervisor: docent Tomas Deierborg Opponent: professor Michael Heneka, Bonn Chairman: professor Gunnar Gouras

Xiaoli Cai - biomedicin med inriktning utvecklingsbiologi
Title: The Many Facets of bicoid Gradient Formation in Drosophila Main supervisor: professor Stefan Baumgartner Opponent: docent Anne Uv, Göteborg Chairman: professor Edgar Pera

Michael Jewett - experimentell neurovetenskap
Title: The Complex Genetics behind Neurodegeneration and Susceptibility to Parkinson’s disease Main supervisor: docent Maria Swanberg Opponent: docent Eva Hedlund, Stockholm Chairman: docent Ulrica Englund Johansson

Katarina Willén - Biomedicine Neuroscience
Title: Involvement of endosomal and synaptic Aβ in models of Alzheimer's disease Main supervisor: professor Gunnar Gouras Opponent: professor Tobias Hartmann, Saarland Chairman: professor Oskar Hansson

Mimoza Demiri biomedicine – Immunology
Title: The role of dendritic cells during infection with the gastrointestinal parasite Trichuris muris. Main supervisor: docent Marcus Svensson-Frej Opponent: docent Susanne Nylén, Stockholm Chairman: professor Tomas Leanderson

Andrea Persson - Biomedicine, Glycobiology
Title: Structural and Functional Analyses of Xyloside-primed Glycosaminoglycans Main supervisor: professor Katrin Mani Opponent: professor Jeremy Turnbull, Liverpool Chairman: docent Karin Lindkvist

EMV publications in LUCRIS

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