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EMV Newsletter February

LUCRIS research portal

Lucris is Lund University’s new current research information system, where you will be able to input information about yourself, your research group, projects, publications and activities – all of which will be searchable in an external web portal that presents research from the entire university - open to all.

  • Workshop LUCRIS (svenska) HSC den 1 mars 2017. Anmälan krävs
  • Workshop LUCRIS (English) at BMC March 3rd, 2017 Sign up!

Passa på att rensa i kemikalieförrådet under kommande inventeringsperiod i KLARA

Miljöchefen vill på förekommen anledning återigen uppmana alla laborativa verksamheter att i samband med kommande inventering i KLARA under inventeringsperioden januari till mars, rensa ut och skicka iväg kemikalier som inte används som kemiskt avfall. Att ha gamla kemikalier stående kan innebära arbetsmiljö- och miljörisker såväl som juridiska och ekonomiska risker.

Lars-Magnus Bjursten
Lars-Magnus Bjursten
A thank you from Lars-Magnus Bjursten who was celebrated at the EMV Glögg december 15. Tack från Lars-Magnus Bjursten som blev tackad på EMV-glöggen den 15 december.

Tyvärr kunde jag pga brådskande familjeangelägenheter inte vara med på EMV:s glögg. Jag vill på detta sätt tacka alla för den fina uppvaktningen med anledning till att jag numera  blivit seniorprofessor. Men ni slipper mig inte än! Jag kommer fortsättningsvis att finnas på BMC ungefär en dag i veckan. /Lars-Magnus

Replacement of printers and implementation of a new printing system at BMC in 2017

IT-service together with BMC-service is now implementing PaperCut printing system on all printers/copiers at BMC.
Replacement of the old Toshiba multifunction printers to new Canon Printers and introduction of new printing system will be made in phases during the spring. Information about the installation and features will be sent out in advance.

Time Edit 3

On 1/1 2017, we changed the local booking system from Time Edit Local to the new Time Edit 3. Time Edit Local is now closed. We have added all bookings from the old to the new system manually. We have done our best for this process to be as good as possible. At the moment you have to do book via the reception. 

Best regards! /BMC reception

Contact reception via mail:

Jubilee book
Jubilee book highlights the history of Lund University in popular form

In preparing for the University’s jubilee year which starts on 19 December, Lund University is now publishing a popular science book entitled “Lund University over 350 Years – History and Stories”. The book is about the University’s journey from a small provincial academy with 14 professors and 80 students to the major international university that it is today, recurrently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.

Grants calendar

Grants calendar showing calls for applications for research funding within medicine and health sciences.
 The calendar gathers in one place information on grants, including links to web pages and information on application deadlines.

Sweden’s medical faculties have set up a joint prize for the internationalisation of first and second-cycle education in order to encourage their teachers and teaching teams to actively promote an international approach to teaching.

The prize is awarded to the teacher/teaching team that has made the most effective contribution to raising the level of internationalisation in higher education over the past three years by bringing an international dimension to their teaching and by improving the students’ global perspective. This may be achieved, for example, through the development of virtual international course components, through a new teaching experience in the international classroom, or through initiatives that encourage  student and teacher mobility.
The prize of SEK 105 000 will be awarded annually for five years from 2017 onwards. The prize was established collectively in May 2016 by Sweden’s medical faculties.
Nomination and selection of prize winner(s)
All employees, affiliates and students of Swedish medical faculties are invited to nominate a teacher/teaching team from within their own faculty.
Nominations are to be submitted between 1 February 2017 and 15 March 2017 on the online form.
Contact person:

EMV Newsletter

This newsletter will be published on Intramed and sent out at the end of each month. If you want to communicate through this newsletter, contact the editor. Katarina Branzén (

Time2Talk lunch seminar

Time2Talk lunch seminar for PhD students and postdocs!
14 Feb at D15 BMC - Engaging career development
Professor Rikard Larsson is one of the internationally leading researchers on career development and other human sides of strategic change. He will talk about how different societies tend to fool most of its members to aim their career development in directions that are different from what would really engage us individually the most and what we can do to improve our career self-awareness.
Register no later than 8 Feb at:

Defences of doctoral theses

Maria Weitoft – Biomedicine, Molecular Medicine
Title: Extracellular Matrix Alterations in Patients with Different Phenotypes of Asthma.
Main supervisor: professor Gunilla Westergren-Thorsson
Opponent: associate professor Reinoud Gosens, Groningen
Chairman: forskare Leif Eriksson

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