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EMV Newsletter April

This is going on right now...

The EMV sectional managers will meet on May 11 and the Departmental board on May 25. Issues to be discussed includes Forum Medicum, future positions and the budget related to this.

An interview with Geanina Jonsson - new administrative manager for EMV
Geanina Jonsson

 Geanina Jonsson will be new administrative manager (starting June 1) since Eva Särbring will retire this summer.
 Geanina will then take the overall responsibility for budget, accounting and forecasting, support to head of department and executive group.

Official launch of the LUCRIS public portal is changed to June 7 2016

LUCRIS is Lund University’s new research information system. LUCRIS replaces LUP (Lund University Publications) as the registration interface for scholarly publications. In addition, LUCRIS will contain other research information, such as information on researchers, research groups, projects or research-related activities within, for example, external engagement.

New podcast

We have a new podcast series on medicine and health from the faculty. Researchers from EMV will be involved in future podcasts. Read more and listen in Swedish:

EMV Newsletter

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Emil Tykesson (25 Maj) - Formation of Iduronic acid during biosynthesis of chondroitin/dermatan sulfate.

Läkarprogrammets nyhetsbrev

Via länken nedan hittar du läkarprogrammets nyhetsbrev 2/2016 (in Swedish)

Seminars & conferences

NEUROSCIENCE DAY, Tuesday May 10th 2016, Fernström Lecture Hall, BMC in Lund!

Crafoords vetenskapsluncher 2016


Do you know that the Faculty of Medicine has a channel on YouTube where research news are presented?

The importance of basic research

Why is basic research so important?