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Gender equality and equal opportunities

Lund University is to uphold democratic values. Equality, ethnic and social diversity are to prevail. Discrimination and victimisation are not accepted. Respect, tolerance and consideration are to characterise all relations.

The Equality Board

The Equality Board at the Faculty of Medicine is responsible for Lund University´s policy on gender equality, equal treatment and diversity are respected. Furthermore, the Board is responsible for the operations specified in the Faculty's plan of action for equal opportunities, equal treatment and diversity issues are implemented in practice.

Action plan for the work environment, gender equality and equal opportunities at the Faculty of Medicine 2020-2022

A number of measures will be implemented at faculty, department and staff level for the purpose of preventing the identified risks.

The Faculty of Medicine is planning to:

Develop and implement:

a leadership training course for senior researchers for the purpose of promoting a long-term gender balance among professors

a management training course focusing on equal opportunities.

a course for doctoral students focusing on equal opportunities.

Introduce and implement: 

systematic preventive work against discrimination at all departments or equivalent and in all study programmes.

a faculty-wide action plan for use in case of suspected harassment.

a faculty-wide action plan for staff who report or are reported for harassment in order to ensure good management and to prevent reprisals.


regular seminars and workshops for staff, students and the general public.

a faculty-wide introduction for new staff, focusing on equal opportunities.


all staff to report discrimination, harassment and victimisation at all levels of the organisation.

activities to prevent and counteract discrimination, harassment and victimisation through information and guidance.



Professor, Lena Eliasson Vice-Dean
Phone: 040-39 11 53