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CALL for applications


CALL for applications for doctoral student project funding within the framework of the Lund University graduate school for Agenda 2030

The Faculty of Medicine hereby invites principle investigators to submit project proposals.

As part of Lund University’s commitment towards Agenda 2030 and its sustainable development goals, the graduate school for Agenda 2030 has been launched . Within the framework of this graduate school, two research projects will be funded (50% costs for salary of a PhD student) at the Faculty of Medicine.

About the graduate school
Agenda 2030 is the framework for sustainable development that the world’s nations have signed to end extreme poverty, reduce inequalities, solve the climate crisis, promote peace and equity and much more. In order to achieve the goals, research has several important roles: to identify challenges and conflicting objectives, contribute new solutions, generate dialogue and learning between different societal stakeholders, and critically analyse the goals. Lund University aspires to be a part of the solution and one contribution is the launch of a graduate school focusing on societal challenges, sustainability issues, and Agenda 2030. The graduate school will enrol at least 12 doctoral students from all faculties. The two doctoral students in this call will be registered at the Faculty of Medicine and will follow the general study plan for doctoral studies. They will also be part of the Lund University graduate school for Agenda 2030 and are expected to take active part in selected university-wide interdisciplinary postgraduate courses. The courses are developed on the basis of the issues defined by the sustainable development goals. The graduate school offers a unique opportunity for the doctoral students to gain interdisciplinary perspectives on global challenges and contribute to current research while deepening their subject knowledge.

An interdisciplinary approach 
Agenda 2030 introduces an overarching framework for understanding a sustainable global development, against which all types of actors can relate their thinking and actions. 17 specific developmental goals and 169 targets have been formulated in order to facilitate this process among different areas of intervention. Goal three deals with health, but since all the other goals have links with health; it is the understanding of those links and the relation to the overarching framework regarding a sustainable global development that represents the central aspect for the call for PhD-project applications. The project does not have to be transdisciplinary in itself, but the potential for transdisciplinary collaboration or implementation of results should be made clear. The graduate school aims at encouraging interdisciplinary thinking and ideas about future collaboration among the 12 doctoral students and their research environments.

Eligibility requirements for applicants
Applicants must fulfill the faculty’s requirements regarding supervision and registration of doctoral student projects. See the following link:


In order to apply for 50% doctoral student project funding within the Agenda 2030 Graduate School, follow the instructions below.


  1. A project proposal, with a clear link to Agenda 2030 should be established in the Faculty of Medicine PhD project database: 
  2. The words Agenda 2030 should be inserted before the project title. 
  3. In the section “funding”, applicants should write that 50 % will be financed by this call. For the other 50% applicants need to state which sources of funding that will cover the difference for salary costs. 
  4. Under the heading “Motivation”, applicants should provide a text (max 600 words) describing the relevance of the project for Agenda 2030. All proposed projects should provide a clear motivation regarding the relevance for Agenda 2030, taking as a starting point the holistic approach towards sustainable development rather than focusing on individual sustainability goals. 
  5. After submitting the proposal, an email should be sent to, notifying that a proposal within this call has been submitted. Please write in the heading field “Agenda 2030”. 

Assessment process
The applications for funding are assessed by a review panel consisting of external reviewers. Once a selection has been made by the review panel, the projects will also be assessed according to normal procedure, by the department and the faculty to review that the project, funding and supervision plan fulfil the faculty requirements.

Assessment criteria:
Scientific quality, relevance for agenda 2030 and feasibility for a doctoral student project

Deadline for application:
The application should be submitted in the project database no later than 6 March, 2019.

Contact information: 
Regarding questions about the call, please contact Anette Agardh, Faculty of Medicine representative in steering committee of Agenda 2030 graduate school,, 040-39 13 38.

Regarding questions about the project database, please contact Anette Saltin,, 046-222 49 26.

Heiko Herwald, Vice-Dean responsible for third-cycle education