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Teachers' Journal Club

MedCUL offers a Teachers' Journal Club, starting in August 2021. Participants in the Journal Club will read an article in advance and take part in a moderated discussion. The articles selected will hopefully be of interest to many of the teachers in the faculty programmes and may concern learning, teaching, educational development or leadership. The discussion will focus on the content of the articles and questions of concern for the participating teachers, and not on a critical appraisal of the article.

Everyone who has a role as a teacher or supervisor is welcome to participate. Meetings are in Zoom, and the same link is used for all meetings.

Dates autumn 2021

  • 27 August at 13.15-14.30
  • 22 September at 13.15-14.30
  • 19 November at 13.15-14.30
  • 14 December at 13.15-14.30

No registration required - just drop in. See you on Zoom 

Article for Teachers' Journal Club 19 November

The article will be announced about 2 weeks before the meeting.

The discussion will take place in English and/or Swedish depending on the participants.

/Magnus Hillman and Gudrun Edgren