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REDCap training sessions

Start working with REDCap!

Want to find out if REDCap is suitable for your research project?
The REDCap user training is for you who need to safely – and in compliance with regulations – acquire, manage, and report on clinical data, for example within a RCT project. The Researcher Support Team at the Library & ICT unit offers REDCap training sessions regularly every semester.

REDCap training sessions in 4 modules

Our REDCap training is divided in four different modules; each module is 1 hour and 45 minutes. After Module 1–2, you will have basic knowledge in REDCap. We recommend that you only register for module 3–4, if you feel that you master the concepts in the lower levels. If not, we advise that you should take one of the prior modules or start with module 1. All trainings are being held virtually, in Zoom.


In module 1, we will go through the process of creating a REDCap project starting with an introduction to basic REDCap functionality and capability based on questions common to new users. After this training you will have knowledge of creating a basic project, the best workflow for your research project, and REDCap in relation to GDPR.

Module 2 covers the different ways to view and manage data in REDCap including importing and exporting data.

Module 3 covers repeating instruments, randomizing, and longitudinal projects. After this training, you will be able to manage repeating instruments, create complex reports for viewing and exporting, and check for discrepancies in your data.

Module 4 assumes participants already have a basic understanding of building instruments and surveys. This training will cover advanced features of REDCap instruments and fields, as well as collect data offline (using REDCap Mobile).

What prerequisites or installations are needed?

No previous experience or installation is required. But you need to be registered in Lucat and have a Lucat account to access REDCap.

Dates and registration Spring 2022

Module 1

March 15, 13.15–15.00
Register for Module 1, March 15

Module 2

March 22, 13.15–15.00
Register for Module 2, March 22

Module 3

March 29, 13.15–15.00
Register for Module 3, March 29

Module 4 (advanced level)

April 5, 13.15–15.00.
Register for Module 4, April 5


If you have any further questions, contact Awa Jammeh via

Course Leader

Awa Jammeh is working with REDCap user support and licensing support for Labguru.

Awa Jammeh. Photo.
Awa Jammeh