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Complex interventions in health care with a special focus on the care of adults and older persons

5 credits

Dates: January 20 - March 31 2020

January 20: 10-17
January 21: 9-16
January 22: 9-16
January 23 - February 12: Self-studies to read the assigned literature and write a pm (two pages + one page references) where you either redesign your current work as a complex intervention or design how a continuation of your current work could be designed as a complex intervention. Deadline pm: February 7.
February 21: The participants receive written feedback on their pm 
March 13: Self-studies for participants to develop their pm into a five-page paper with additional one page of references. Deadline March 13.
March 30: 10-17 seminaries/presentations
March 31: 9-16 seminaries/presentations

Course teacher

Gerd Ahlström; Professor, Ph.D., RN, Department of Health Sciences

David A Richards, Professor of Mental Health Services Research, University of Exeter College of Medicine and Health, UK and Guest professor at the Department of Health Sciences, Lund University

Gerd Ahlström

General information

Number of participants: maximum 20

Language: English.

Location: Health Sciences Center, Lund


The aim of the course is to increase the theoretical knowledge about complex interventions with a special focus on the care of adults and older persons and to provide a foundation for applying this knowledge in research designs.

Course content and format

Healthcare is a complex process with a multitude of factors involved at all times. Intervention research, must, therefore, handle all of them in order to develop evidence-based knowledge. To deal with this, the Medical Research Council in the UK has since 2000 developed a framework for complex interventions. The framework integrates the development process, pilot projects, evaluation of the intervention, and implementation.

The course consists of workshops and seminars. At the workshops, lectures are mixed with group discussions and group exercises. The different parts of the course are integrated so that lectures and group discussions give structure and guidance for the paper which every participant should write and which forms the basis for the assessment. A structured study guide based on the Medical Research Council framework describes the work, which the participants should conduct between the initial workshop and the final seminar. Each participant is also required to read the selected course literature.



The course is assessed through the participation in the different course events and the paper each participant writes. The final assessment is based on how well each participant’s paper reflects that he or she has achieved the learning outcomes of the course.


The grades awarded are Pass or Fail.


In addition to the following literature, a selection of relevant literature and scientific articles will be added and announced at the time of the course.

•Richards D A and Rahm Hallberg I. 2015 Complex interventions of health. An overview of research methods. London and New York: Routledge.

Application form


Last day to apply is November 1st. 2019.

If questions about the course, please Contact the course leaders.