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19 december, Di Tang
Title: Properties of Protective Antibody Responses against Bacterial Pathogens
Place: Segerfalksalen (A1005), BMC, Lund
Time: 10:00 am 

19 december, Mattias Bohm
Title: "Health-related quality of life after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest".
Place: Conference room 1, Department of Neurology,
Entrégatan 7, level 9, Skåne University Hospital, Lund.
Time: 13 – 15 pm

9 december, Johanna Elander
Title: Genetic sequencing to identify the cause of sensorineural hearing loss in children - A journey from mitochondrial and nuclear genetic, to a parental and family perspective.
Place:  Conference room Kurt Lidén, Klinikgatan 5, Lund
Time: December 9, 2022, 09.30

9 december, Giedre Martus
Title: Kliniska och experimentella studier av transporten av vatten och lösta ämnen vid peritonealdialys/ Clinical and Experimental Studies on solute and water transport in peritoneal dialysis
Place: Föreläsningssalen Njurmottagningen Barngatan 2, 2:a våningen, Lund
Time: 14.00-16.00

2 december, Cecilia Sahl. Title: "Aspects of Achromobacter airway infections in cystic fibrosis". Place: BMC B14, room B1441b. Time: 13:00


24 november, Björn Sigurdsson

Title:  Modern treatment of NF1 in children. Place: Föreläsningssal 5, Blocket, Lund. Time: 13.00 

21 november, Linn Nilsson Title: Associations between patient- and tumor characteristics and clinical factors in relation to outcome in patients with head- and neck cancer and breast cancer, with focus on radiation therapy. Plats: Conference room, Gunnar Nilsson floor, Kampradhuset, Barngatan 4, Lund. Tid: 15.00.


4 oktober, Linda Sundler Björkman. Title:“Comorbidities and immunological disorders in patients with hereditary angioedema”. Place: Konferensrummet på B14, BMC, Time: 15.00.

7 oktober, Max Olsson.Title: Prevalence and contributing factors to breathlessness in the population – a data driven approach.

Place: Lung Department’s conference room, Wigerthuset, Remissgatan 4, Lund.Time: 13.00.

11 oktober  Selamawit Mekuria. Evaluation of an HPV screening algorithm for low and middle income countries, by self-sampling, with Ethiopia as an example Plats: konferensrummet Gunnar Nilsson-våningen Kampradhuset, vån 3. Tid: kl 14-17. Zoom:

12 oktober Sofie Meijer. Title: Gut Flora and Intestinal Permeability in Preeclampsia. Place: Apoteket, Jan Waldenströms gata 1, Malmö and Zoom, Meeting ID: 690 2186 5357 Password: 825312, Time: 13:00.

14 oktober Anna Åkesson. Title: Renal function: improved methods of estimation and prognosis. Place:  Seminarierummet i Tornblad huse. Time:: Kl 13.


9 november, Oscar Lühr. Titel: Detection of Sentinel Lymph Nodes in Cervical Cancer. Plats: Konferensrummet på vån 3, KK Lund och på Zoom (Meeting ID: 698 9701 4000 Password: 211161). Tid: 16:45-18:45.

11 november, Philippa Svensson. Title: The Borg scale for individualized exercise training - effects on physical performance and quality of life in patients with CKD Venue: Conference room, Alwallhuset, Barngatan 2, Skåne University Hospital Time: 13.00 Zoomlänk

11 november, Joakim Thylefors. Title:To analyze the population affected by rhegmatogenous retinal detachment in southern Sweden with casual effects, incidence, surgical management and outcomes. Plats: Sus Lund, Ögonhus A, 2 vån, stora konferenssalen. Tid: 12:30. Zoom:

18 november, Therese de Neergaard. Title: Quantifying functional antibody response through phagocytosis Venue: Seminar room at BMC C14 Time: 09.00

18 november 2022, Pontus Olsson de Capretz. Titel: Diagnostics and risk assessment in suspected acute coronary syndrome with decision support tools and artificial intelligence Lokal: Konferensrum EA12, Blocket SUS Lund Tid: 10:00-12:00 Zoom:

Den 23 november 2022, Karolina Larsson. Titel: Social interaction and language development in preschools with varying proportions of multilingual children Lokal: Föreläsningssal 1, Lasarettsgatan 11, SUS Lund Tid: 13.15

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