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MedCUL - Connecting Teachers, Furthering Medical Education

Welcome to MedCUL!

MedCUL is the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University.  Our goal is to provide teachers and supervisors with a variety of educational and professional development opportunities and inspire multi-professional learning environments. We strive to promote educational design and sustainable development in medical education based on research and current knowledge.

MedCUL coordinates the faculty's quality assurance work at undergraduate level in cooperation with educational committees and program directors. We collaborate with teachers and educational leaders in developmental projects. Our research in medical education concerns areas related to our practice such as Problem Based Learning (PBL), workplace learning and supervision, PhD student supervision and environments, and e-learning.

MedCUL offers:

  • a wide range of professional-development courses, seminars and workshops for teachers and supervisors
  • consulting support to individual teachers, groups of teachers/supervisors or medical programs

Our courses are based on current research in medical education, with the local teaching situation and the participants’ experiences as the starting point. The courses provide teachers with the higher education qualifications and the certificates required for a teaching position.

Our courses and workshops in English

All our courses (in Swedish)

Courses Autumn 2019

Now you can apply for our courses in Spring 2020. If you apply before July 1 you will be prioritised according to your needs! Anyone who needs a course for readership (docentur), if more than two years have passed since the disputation, or teaching position, has priority access to the courses needed for these purposes. If you apply after July 1, admission is given by the order applications are received.

Our courses and workshops in English

All our courses (in Swedish)

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