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Disputation, licentiatexamen & halvtidskontroll 2017


Sidonia-Valentina Bala. 1 september 2017. kl 09.00. Avhandlingens titel: Person-centered care in nurse-led outpatient rheumatology clinics. From experience to measurement. Plats: City Hall, Helsingborg. Se mer här.

Sophie Jörgensen. 8 september 2017. kl 13.00. Avhandlingens titel: Older adults with long-term spinal cord injury Plats: Segerfalksalen, Biomedicinskt centrum, Sölvegatan 17, Lund. 

Andreas Rantala. 15 september 2017, kl 09.00. Avhandlingens titel: Being taken seriously. Aspects of patients and significant others in non-urgent Ambulance Service.



Gull-Britt Dahlman. 17 februari 2017, 09.00. Health Sciences Centre, H02. Titel: Postoperativ smärta efter thoraxkirurgi via sternotomi..



Susann Porter. 18 oktober kl. 13. Plats: Health Science Centre, sal C142. Titel:  Critical return-to-work factors for empowerment and mental health among persons with affective disorders. 

Malin Forsbrand (IKVL) 4 oktober kl 13:00 - 16:00. Plats: ERC Syd, Remissgatan 4, 4:e vån, Skånes universitetssjukhus, Lund, Titel: How to target tailored physiotherapy interventions for patients with nonspecific neck and back pain in primary care. Prognosis-prediction-classification

Jenny Nae. 10 Augusti kl 13. Health Science Centre, Lagunen. Titel: Measurement properties of clinical assessment of movement quality during functional tasks in patients with anterior cruciate ligament injury

Kristine Lund. 8 Juni kl 12. Health Science Centre, C142. Titel: Experiences of Balancing Everyday Life: A lifestyle intervention for mental health service users

Charlotte Castor. 1 juni kl 13, Health Sciences Centre, C341E C3 Norr-korridoren. Titel: Avancerad sjukvård i hemmet för barn

Lotte Skytte Krlöll. 13 mars kl 13-15. Health Sciences Centre, B215. Titet: The effect of exercise and the impact of migraine and co-existing tension-typ headache and neck-pain.

Petra Pålsson. 4 april kl 13, Health Sciences Centre, C341E C3 Norr-korridoren. Titel: A model for prenatal preparation for the early parenthood period based on first-time parents' needs - development and evaluation.

Anja Geisler. 20 januari 2017 kl 9-12, Health Sciences Centre, Oasen. Titel: No worse than mild pain" - a new perspective on postoperative pain management.