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Johan's interview

2014-11-03. The September-October 2014 issue of the Bagadilico Newsletter offers us insight into Johan's role in Bagadilico. Don't miss it!

PI Talk with Johan Jakobsson

2014-10-29. Don't miss the chance to learn more about Johan Jakobsson's lab's work:

Time and place: 5th of November 2014, 16.00, in GK-salen (behind the BMC Reception)
Snacks and soft drinks will be served from 15.45 outside GK-salen

Read more about the PI Talks here.

Welcome Marie!

2014-10-01. Today we warmly welcome Marie Persson Vejgården, a new technician, to our group! Welcome aboard!

Welcome Per!

2014-07-01. Today we are welcoming Per Ludvik Brattås to our group. 


A team on the run

2014-05-12. On May 10th, the Jakobsson team ran the annual Lundaloppet. Way to go, everyone!


Congratulations Malin!

2014-04-28. Congratulations to Malin Åkerblom who successfully defended her thesis on April 25th, 2014. Vale! Praeclarissime Doctor!  


New paper in Development

2014-03-10. Don't miss our new paper entitled "microRNA-125 distinguishes developmentally generated and adult-born olfactory bulb interneurons"!

Welcome Anja!

2014-01-28. Our group is welcoming a new student today - Anja Herneke. Anja will stay with us until June 2014.


Johan Jakobsson a "Future Research Leader"!

2013-11-08. The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research has presented Johan Jakobsson with a grant of 10 million SEK. The program, Future Research Leaders, supports young, particularly promising researchers with leadership potential. It provides selected scientists with the financial base required to establish their own internationally competitive research group, as well as a training course in academic leadership.

  • För information på svenska, vänligen gå vidare till Medicinska fakultetens hemsida här, till Stiftelsens hemsida här, till Lunds Universitets Magasin här eller till Vetenskap & Hälsa här.
  • For more information in English please visit the Foundation's website by clicking here or Bagadilico's November newsletter here:   

The Swedish Research Council (VR) awards Johan Jakobsson's research

2013-11-07. Johan Jakobsson was granted over 9 million SEK by the Swedish Research Council for his work on importance of microRNAs in transcriptional regulation of stress responses in the brain. Congratulations!

  • For the university's press release in Swedish please click here.

A new grant from Cancerfonden

2013-11-06. Johan Jakobsson's project "Molecular networks controlled by the microRNA in neural stem cells" was awarded a 2,4 million SEK grant by Cancerfonden. Congratulations & keep up the good work!

Our research at the conference 'The Non-Coding Genome'

2013-10-14. At the conference 'The Non-Coding Genome' in Heidelberg, Germany, our post-doc Josephine Malmevik was given the opportunity to present one of our projects studying the inhibition of miR-124 in the adult mouse hippocampus and its impact on learning and memory.

josephine presents heidelberg

New publication in the Experimental Cell Research

2013-10-11. Click here for our latest publication! Enjoy the reading!

New publication in the Neuroscientist

2013-07-29. Don't miss our latest publication which became available online last week. Click here for the full feature.

Welcome Pina!

2013-05-03. Welcome to our new student, Pina Knauff, who will stay with us until app. December 2013.

portrait pina

Our new publication in Nature Communications

2013-04-24. Read about our newly developed method which makes it possible to closely follow the behavior of microglia - knowledge which can open the door to important research on several different brain disorders such as Parkinson's and stroke.

Our group in the Bagadilico Newsletter

2013-02-04. Find out how scientists Oskar Hansson, Johan Jakobsson and Maria Björkqvist have teamed up to investigate a potentially revelatory biomarker, a tiny non-coding molecule called microRNA.

New publication in Genome Research

2012-12-13. In a new study by Rowe et al., we describe how retroelements impact on gene expression in embryonic stem cells. To read more go to:

Welcome Christian!

2012-08-01. Warm welcome to our new Master students, Christian Männe!

christian m

Bagadilico Newsletter on the root of adult neurogenesis

2012-07-04. The May/June issue of the Bagadilico Newsletter presents an in-depth article on the role of microRNA in adult neurogenesis. Follow the link below to read how Johan Jakobsson may have stumbled upon an essential piece of this complicated puzzle.

New paper out in The Journal of Neuroscience

2012-06-27. In a new paper by Malin Åkerblom et al., we describe the role of miR-124 in neural stem cells in the subventricular zone. This study demonstrates that miR-124 is a key regulator of postnatal neurogenesis and more broadly suggests that microRNA are crucial molecules in regulating brain function.

Johan Jakobsson receives a research grant form Hjärnfonden

2012-06-26. The project is entitled "The role of microRNA in the brain: implications for neurological disorders".

Bagadilico Newsletter on Lund's Amperometry Wizard

2012-03-07. Read the story about how Martin Lundblad took amperometry to Lund.

New paper

2012-02-07. Read our recent review on microRNAs and neural stem cells here.

The Value of Viral Vectors - New Lab Delivers Tailor-Made AAV Vectors

2012-01-09. Read an update on our/Bagadilico's new recruit Jenny Johansson's work. She's operating as a one-woman vector factory and is responsible for the making of AAV-vectors in the new lab.

New masters student

2012-01-09. Welcome to Rebecca Petri, our new masters students!


New undergraduate exchange student

2011-11-08. Welcome to Emily Tjon, our new undergraduate exchange student!


New Post Doc

2011-09-27. Welcome to Josephine Malmevik, our new post doc!

josephine malmevik

New colleague

2011-09-05. Welcome to Jenny Johansson, our new research engineer!

jenny johansson

New review

2011-08-12. New review by the Jakobsson/Parmar group published in Cell Research.

New Publication

2011-06-07. In a new paper by Ulrich Pfisterer et al. we describe how human fibroblasts can be reprogrammed into dopamine neurons via a process called direct conversion. This means that the cells never pass via a stem cell phase and may thus provide a safer alternative for brain repair.

Johan Jakobsson receives a grant from The Crafoord Foundation

2011-06-21. Johan Jakobsson has received a grant of total 400 000 SEK from the Crafoord Foundation (Crafoordska Stiftelsen). The project is entitled "Epigenetic gene regulation and inheritance: implications for psychiatric disorders".

Congratulations to Rohit Sachdeva

2011-05-04. Congratulations to Rohit Sachdeva for receiving a travel grant from Maggie Stephens Stiftelse for attending the 9th Annual Meeting of International Society for Stem Cell Research in Toronto.

Liana Fasching new PhD student

2011-03-03. As of 2011-03-01 Liana Faching is registered as a PhD-student at the Lab of Molecular Neurogenetics.

Johan Jakobsson receives 3-year grant from Cancerfonden

2010-12-10. Johan Jakobsson has received a grant from the Swedish Cancerfoundation (Cancerfonden). The project is entitled "Visualisation and inhibition of microRNAs in neural stem cells: implications for glioma. Read more here. 


Johan Jakobsson appointed Associate Professor 

2010-09-17. Johan Jakobsson has been appointed Associate Professor (docent) in Neuroscience at the Medical Faculty, Lund University.

Malin Åkerblom new PhD-student

2010-09-01. As of today Malin Åkerblom is registered as a PhD-student at the Lab of Molecular Neurogenetics. Her PhD-project is entitled "The role of microRNAs in neural stem cells".

DRN members visit Copenhagen

2010-08-27. Agnete Kirkeby, Rohit Sachdeva, Malin Åkerblom and Johan Jakobsson attended and presented data at the Epigenetics and Stem Cells conference at BRIC in Copenhagen the 25th-27th August.

New paper out in PNAS

2010-06-07. In a new paper by Rohit Sachdeva et al. we describe how microRNA-regulated lentiviral vectors can be used to visualize and isolate neural progenitors from pluripotent cultures. We also demonstrate how this technique can be used to reduce tumor formation following stem cell transplatation.

Link to article 

Link to press release 


2010-06-03. Our three Master´s students: Liana Fasching, Ulrich Pfisterer and Malin Åkerblom all successfully presented their projects to graduate at the preparatory program of Lund Stem Cell Center Research School.

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