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The EU Interreg collaborative project for cardiovascular epidemiology, linking Denmark and Sweden 2011-2013

Based on the approval of a project plan submitted in 2010, the EU Interreg authorities in Copenhagen, Denmark, have approved the funding of a collaborative EU Interreg project(ID number: 154 668) focused on cardiovascular epidemiology during the period 2011 to 2013. The sum allocated to the project is 1.9 million Euros that was successfully applied for by a collaborative group led by Kristian Wachtell, cardiologist at Rigshospitalet and Gentofte Hospital, Copenhagen, together with representatives from the Glostrup University Hospital and Copenhagen University Hospital Bispebjerg on the Danish side, as well as with representatives from EpiHealth at the Lund University as well as the Skåne University Hospital on the Swedish side.

Project description and aim

The aim of this EU Interreg project is to formalize and develop cardiovascular research by collaboration across the border in the region of Øresund so that larger and more relevant cardiovascular research projects will become possible. In addition, it is our aim to further develop a cardiovascular research infrastructure so that collaboration is more effective and less expensive. We plan to form a Scandinavian Research Unit for Cardiovascular Prevention and Treatment; an entity with sufficient research content and the necessary format and infrastructure to support cardiovascular research in the region. The added value is a collaboration that is an attractive vehicle for research done between Universities in Lund and Copenhagen as well as the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industry. The project group consists of very experienced researchers from the Lund University and the Skåne University Hospital in Malmö, Sweden, Rigshospitalet, Glostrup University Hospital and Bispebjerg University Hospital, in Denmark, with extensive research experience. The plan is to employ six research assistants to analyze and report research developments from already collected data from populations and patient registers from the region of Øresund. Furthermore, it is our intention to report the research developments in the international scientific literature as well as to try to impact on patient treatment guidelines for cardiovascular risk assessment and prevention. Finally, it is our aim to setup a joint research infrastructure consisting of SharePoint Server with video and internet meeting facilities so that collaboration can occur in a virtual format and beyond practical and perceived borders. In addition, the lessons learned from this collaboration may be utilized in a larger Scandinavian context.

The reason that the region of Øresund is well suited for medical research is that

• We have the number of patients with cardiovascular disease manifestations needed for doing research at the highest international level.

• Patients in general have a high level of education and low mobility, in addition to centralized person-number registration ID system needed to follow patients over long periods of time.

The end result of this project at the end of the 3 year period should be that

• Researchers have the necessary competences and understand complex relationships between development of cardiovascular disease and treatment options, for example coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure or valvular disease

• Researchers have the necessary IT infrastructure to facilitate collaboration across borders and virtual beyond the geographical areas and buildings.

By these fundamental building blocks (number and education of patients, central person number, researcher’s competences and research infrastructure) the region of Øresund can offer to facilitate and accommodate pharmaceutical and biotechnical industry and can provide an attractive cardiovascular research opportunity that might not be the cheapest in the world but is both cost-effective and is certain in getting objectives done right.

Immediate plans include to set up a research infrastructure in Malmö, Sweden, and to plan for conference activities during the Autumn of 2011. The project will be further presented at a conference for EU Interreg projects in Malmö 23-24 March, 2011.

Contact information

1. Dr. Med., senior consultant Kristian Wachtell, Department of Cardiology B2142, Rigshospitalet, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark (Lead Partner)
Mail: , phone: 45-3545-0888

2. Professor, senior consultant Peter M Nilsson, Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund University, University Hospital, Entrance 33, S-205 02 Malmö, Sweden (Coordinating Partner)
Mail: , phone: +46-40-33 24 15, mobile : +46-704-50 34 56

3. Associate Professor, senior consultant Michael H. Olsen, Department of Medicine M, Glostrup University Hospital, DK-2600, Glostrup, Denmark (Partner)
Mail: , phone: +45-6130-4904

4. Senior consultant Olav Wendelboe, Department of Cardiology Y, Copenhagen University Hospital, DK-2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark (Partner)
Mail : , phone: +45-3531-3531

5. Senior consultant Martin Stagmo, Department of Cardiology, Skåne University Hospital, S-205 02 Malmö, Sweden (Partner)
Mail: , phone: +46-40-332407

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