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Infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance

Respiratory tract infections are a global problem. In our research we map the surface molecules of bacteria and the parts of the body’s immune system with which they integrate.

We strive towards new vaccines and powerful treatments. One example is the development of a vaccine against Haemophilus influenzae, a common type of bacteria that causes inflammation in the ear and respiratory tract. Another example is the potential use of a breast milk protein (HAMLET) against respiratory tract bacteria.

The growing threat of antibiotic resistance is highlighted.

We conduct research on infectious diseases like HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis C in Sweden and in African countries (West Africa and Ethiopia).


Contact details and more information

Per Björkman - Infectious diseases

Professor and Head of research Group
+46 40 33 77 11,


Anna Blom - Medical protein Chemistry

Professor and Head of research group
+46 40 33 82 33, +46 704 15 06 82,


Anders Håkansson - Infection medicine

Professor and Head of research group
+46 40 39 10 27, +46 72 519 02 55


Patrik Medstrand - Virology

Professor and Head of research group
+46 46 222 14 89, +46 708 41 57 97,


Kristian Riesbeck - Medical microbiology

Professor and Head of research group
+46 40 33 84 94, +46 70 460 80 63,




Protein E bildas av två olika molekyler (blått+rött). På bilden har Haemophilus även bundit järn (grönt) till molekylen.  De nya forskningsrönen visar att bakterierna med hjälp av detta protein kan flytta livsnödvändigt järn mellan sig.

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