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Imaging diagnostics and radiation physics

This subject involves the study, development and discovery of new knowledge connected with radiation and radioactivity. Important fields of application are radiotherapy to treat cancer, radiation diagnostics using X-rays, computed tomography, nuclear medicine and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The research is performed in collaboration with Skåne University Hospital and other partners.

Another research area is the protection of people and their surroundings from the harmful effects of radiation and radioactive substances. Various techniques for measuring the presence of toxic heavy metals in the body are also studied.


Contact details and more information

Lars E. Olsson - Medical radiation physics

Professor and Head of research group, +46 40 33 86 74, +46 40 33 12 35,


Elin Trägårdh - Nuclear medicine

Associate professor and Head of research group, +46 40 33 87 24,


Per Wollmer - Clinical physiology

Professor and Head of research group, +46 40 33 14 41, +46 70 315 61 28,


Sophia Zackrisson - Medical radiology

Associate professor and Head of research group, +46 40 33 87 97,




Varningsskylt förhöjd strålnivå / Warning sign high levels of radiation Photo: Charlotte Carlberg Bärg

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