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Professor Bjartell chairman of European urology research foundation


Anders Bjartell, Professor in Urology at The Department of Translational Medicine, was recently elected chairman of the EAU Research Foundation. This means he onwards will play an important role in Europe’s leading organisation for urological practice, research and education.

Foto av Anders Bjartell

The European Association of Urology (EAU) engages more than 15,000 medical professionals within urology across Europe.

Professor Anders Bjartell took over the chairmanship of the EAU Research Foundation at the EAU17 annual conference in London. Now he will, together with the Foundation, have the ability to influence the future development within European urology by coordinating and directing financial support to urgent research projects.

In a recently published interview on the EAU website Anders Bjartell gives his view on his new role. Among other things he claims a need to identify which studies are most urgent today and then maybe update the Foundation’s platform for research. This due to changes and rapid development within the field of urology.

In his future work as a EAU RF chairman professor Bjartell wants to promote:

  • Prospective studies and real world-data
  • New biomarkers and how they work in real life
  • Improved diagnostics, e.g. genetic tests
  • The EAU RF’s role as a bridge between basic and clinical research
  • Involvement of the industry in win-win situations

Anders Bjartell is elected for four years. He replaces Peter Mulders, Professor at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, who has held the chair for the last eight years.

Text: Björn Martinsson



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