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Cell level research on the Wnt-5a protein extends the knowledge about mechanisms involved in malignant melanoma. The results, which also includes first steps towards what in the future may be developed into cancer therapy, are presented in a new thesis from Lund University.

Even a large seasonal variation in the length of the daylight period does not affect sperm characteristics. And no significant seasonal variation in the DNA fragmentation index (DFI) was observed.

The Swedish Research Council (VR) has recently granted a number of research projects at Swedish universities. Below you can read more about some of the grants for projects and concepts developed at The Department of Translational Medicine at Lund University.

Porträttfoto av Anton Reepalu. Fotograf: Björn Martinsson

The treatment of HIV patients with concomitant tuberculosis (TB) is a challenge in the world’s low income countries. But it is possible to be successful even with limited resources, according to a new thesis from Lund University.

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