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Molecular pathology

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The group’s interest is to find novel target proteins that are involved in cell cycle regulation and whose activities result in cancer development. The biological platforms that we are applying are cell lines, primary cell cultures and tumors. To study the processes of cell division, we are applying state-of-the-art imaging techniques and modern genetic tools. Our focus is to understand the intracellular cell signaling mechanisms that are involved in carciogenesis.

SADB Kinases and gamma-tubulin: Until now, our research has been focused on the function of two groups of proteins, the Ser/Thr kinases named SADB and gamma-tubulin. In a non-transformed cell, SADB’s and gamma-tubulin’s normal actions are to preserve genome stability during cell division. Disturbed activity of SADB and/or gamma-tubulin leads to formation of transformed cells containing an increased or decreased DNA content. In our body, these transformed cells will continue to divide. After each cell cycle, the cells can further suffer from DNA changes and they become genetically unstable. Continued uncontrolled cell division will lead to tumor formation. Our group wants to describe the mechanisms by which SADB kinase and gamma-tubulin activities contribute to tumor formation.

The Lab

The lab is located at Malmö's university hospital. The unit is well equipped in a highly dynamic research community.


Maria Alvarado-Kristensson, Scientist
Div. for Molecular Pathology, 2nd floor
59 Jan Waldenströms street, SUS-Malmö, HS33 

laminB-gamma-tubulin immunofluorescence

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