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Portrait photo of Lars B. Dahlin: Photographer: Charlotte Carlberg Bärg

Head of Department
Lars B Dahlin 
Phone: +46 40 33 17 24 (direct), +46 40 33 67 69 (Tina Folker, secretary)


Johan Malm Photo: Kennet Ruona

Deputy Head of Department
Johan Malm (also head of graduate and advanced studies)
Phone: +46 40-33 35 36


anna blom

Assistant Head of Department
Anna Blom (also head of strategic issues)
Phone: +46 40-33 82 33


Porträttfoto av Yvonne Lundberg Giwercman.

Assistant Head of Department
Yvonne Lundberg Giwercman (also head of post graduate studies)
Phone: +46 40 39 11 03



Departmental Office


Hugh Connell, Deputy Administrative Manager
+46 40 39 10 02 ,


Portrait photo of Eva-Lotta B. Billing. Photo: Björn Martinsson

Eva-Lotta B. Billing, Administrator of Finances
+46 40 39 10 63,

 Eva-Lotta provides support in financial issues to:

  • Clinical Chemistry/Coagulation Research (Björn Dahlbäck)
  • Clinical Chemistry (Hans Lilja)
  • Molecular Pathology (Maria Alvarado-Kristensson)
  • Pathology (Annika Dejmek)
  • Protein Chemistry (Anna Blom)


Portrait photo of Susanne Larsson. Photo: Björn Martinsson

Susanne Larsson, Administrator of Finances
+46 40 39 10 57,

Susanne provides support in financial issues to:

  • Cancer Immunology (Karin Leandersson)
  • Cell Pathology (Anita Sjölander)
  • Clinical Infection Medicine (Per Björkman)
  • Clinical Pathology (Martin Johansson)
  • Clinical Physiology (Per Wollmer)
  • Hand Surgery (Lars Dahlin)
  • Medical Radiation Physics (Lars E Olsson)
  • Molecular Genetic Reproductive Medicine (Yvonne Lundberg Giwercman)
  • Nuclear Medicine (ElinTrägårdh)
  • Reproductive Medicine (Aleksander Giwercman)
  • Urology (Anders Bjartell)
  • Urology/Urothelial Cancer (Fredrik Liedberg)


Portrait photo of Cecilia Malmsten. Photo: Björn Martinsson

Cecilia Malmsten, Administrator of Finances
+46 40 39 10 52,

Cecilia supports the administrative manager with coordination and preparation of incomning financial issues. She also provides support in financial issues to:

  • Clinical Coagulation Research (Peter Svensson)
  • Clinical Microbiology (Kristian Riesbeck)
  • Diagnostic Radiology (Sophia Zackrisson)
  • Experimental Cancer Research (Jenny L Persson)
  • Experimental Infection Medicine (Anders Håkansson)
  • Experimental Pathology (Tommy Andersson)
  • Virology (Patrik Medstrand)


Portrait photo of Ulrika af Sillén. Photo: Björn Martinsson

Ulrika af Sillén, HR Coordinator
+46 40 39 10 31,

Ulrika is your contact for all issues concerning employments.


Portrait photo of Elin Gudmundson. Photo: Björn Martinsson

Elin Gudmundson, Departmental Administrator
On parental leave.


Porträttbild av Diana Vaduva. Foto: Björn Martinsson

Diana Vaduva, Departmental Administrator
+46 40 39 11 54,

Diana's main focus is:

  • doctoral studies and relations to our Ph.D. students
  • scholarships - new and ongoing
  • administrative support to the Department's board
  • travel expense claims 

You will find Diana in building 92, 11th floor on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


Portrait photo of Björn Martinsson. Photo: Catrine Werder

Björn Martinsson, Communications Officer
+46 40 39 10 60, +46 72 723 44 99,

Björn supports you in internal and external communication issues. Strategies and advice, dissemination, popular science, web site, newsletter, media etc. (Björn is employed at the Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö, but he also supports the Department of Translational Medicine.)


Welcome to visit us at the Departmental Office!


Please see visting address and postal address at the top right.


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Visiting address
Clinical Research Centre (CRC)
Jan Waldenströms gata 35, House 92, 11th floor
Malmö, Sweden

Postal address
Departmental Office for Translational Medicine
Clinical Research Centre
Post box 50332
SE-202 13 Malmö

Internal postal address: 
Hs. 36
CRC, Jan Waldenströms gata 35
House 92, 11th floor

Phone and fax
Phone (switchboard):
+46 40 39 10 00
Fax: +46 40-39 10 04


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