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Open positions

Postdoctoral positions in immunology/microbiology (2 posts)

Applications are invited for two post-doctoral positions from researchers with appropriate training and publication-documented expertise. 
The successful applicants will join one of the two projects:
Project 1 is focused on mechanisms developed by bacterial pathogens for defense from killing by important part of innate immunity, the human complement system, as well as pathogen interactions with extracellular matrix proteins leading to various physiological outcomes. We study respiratory pathogens such as pneumococci, Moraxella and Haemophilus as well as group A streptococci and periodontal pathogens. 
Project 2 regards in vivo studies of SUSD4, a recently discovered complement inhibitor, which appears to also play role in adaptive immunity, cancer and diabetes. We have recently developed a mouse knockout model allowing detailed studies of this largely uncharacterized protein.

Both projects will provide opportunities to learn a broad range of advanced methods and to participate in collaborations with academic and clinical partners. The applicants will join ongoing projects in an international research group of prof Anna Blom, who focuses on the complement system in physiology and pathology. We offer challenging projects, which involve state-of-the-art instrumentation, and great work opportunities in a dynamic research group with high reputation and collegial work culture.

Qualifications: Applicants should be highly motivated, independent, inventive and communicative with good English skills and with a Ph.D. in microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology or related discipline. 
Particularly valuable experience for project 1: microbiology, immunology, protein analyses, extracellular matrix, cell culture, flow cytometry. 
Particularly valuable experience for project 2: maintenance of mouse colony, knowledge of basic in vivo techniques with relevance to mouse models, immunology, cell culture, flow cytometry
Applicants must have completed their PhD by the start of the appointment and within the last 3 years.

Applicants should submit by e-mail ( curriculum vitae including publication list and e-mail address of two references at latest January 2nd 2017. Starting date is flexible. The position is funded for 2 years in the first instance and may, subject to satisfactory performance and availability of funds, be extended. Tax-free stipend 2000 euro/month.

Lund University is ranked within the top 100 of the world’s best universities. Our laboratory is placed in the middle of university hospital in Malmö only 100 m from train station with direct connection to Copenhagen airport (25 min). Please notice that knowledge of Swedish is not necessary as the majority of Swedes can communicate in English.

Selected recent publications from the group relevant to the subject

Ermert D., Shaughnessy J., Joeris T., Kaplan J., Pang C. J., Kurt-Jones E. A., Rice P.A., Ram S. and Blom A. M. (2015) Virulence of group A streptococci is enhanced by human complement inhibitors., PLOS Pat, 11, e1005043.

Liu G., Gradstedt H., Ermert D., Englund E., Singh B., Su Y., Johansson M.E., Aspberg A., Agarwal V., Riesbeck K. and Blom A. M. (2015) Moraxella catarrhalis evades host innate immunity via targeting Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein., J. Immunol.,196, 1249-58.

Krus U., King B.C., Nagaraj V., Gandasi, N. R., Sjölander J., Buda P., Garcia-Vaz E., Gomez M. F., Ottosson-Laakso E., Storm P., Fex M., Vikman P., Zhang E., Barg. S., Blom A. M., and Renström E. (2014) The complement inhibitor CD59 regulates insulin secretion by modulating exocytotic events., Cell Metabol., 19, 883-900.

Holmquist E., Okroj M., Nodin B., Jirström K. and Blom A. M. (2013) Sushi Domain-Containing Protein 4 (SUSD4) inhibits complement by disrupting the formation of the classical C3 convertase., FASEB J., 27, 2355-66.

Potempa M., Potempa J., Kantyka T., Nguyen K., Wawrzonek K., Manandhar S., Popadiak K., Riesbeck K., Eick S. and Blom A. M. (2009) Interpain, cysteine proteinase from Prevotella intermedia inhibits complement by degrading complement factor C3., PLOS Pathogens, 5, e1000316…

MSc Students

We often have thesis projects for Masters students within the projects conducted in our group. Please, contact Anna Blom ( directly for more details.

PhD Students

We are always interested in reviewing PhD students applications. For further information, please contact Anna Blom ( Describe why you are interested in our laboratory/projects and provide your CV.

Postdoctoral fellows

We welcome applicants for postdoctoral fellowships to apply at any time. Our group conducts many translational projects and provides a friendly environment for ambitious scientists with experience in immunology, microbiology, biochemistry, rheumatology and molecular cell biology. Applicants should be highly motivated, independent, communicative and inventive with a PhD completed by the start of the appointment and preferably within the last 5 years. Please submit application by e-mail ( your CV including publication list and e-mail address of two references.

For more information on specific research projects within our group, do not hesitate to contact Anna Blom ( directly.


Malmö is located in the southern part of Sweden. In the summer of 2000 the bridge to Copenhagen was opened and Sweden and Denmark are now connected. This also allows very fast access to Copenhagen airport via train with the nearest station Triangel close by the lab. The city of Lund is 20 kilometres north of Malmö. 

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