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Cecilia Winberg

Cecilia Winberg, marketing manager for SWEAH, finished her national tour in Kristianstad, on 2 December 2016. A report of the day, plus a video interview with Cecilia Winberg about SWEAH has been released on: http://www.hkr.se/besok

In 2016, Cecilia Winberg had the mission to visit the university's external partners in SWEAH. The goal was to stimulate awareness, motivation, interest and commitment to SWEAH's activities. Cecilia has visited eight partners (of eleven possible) from Kristianstad in the south to Luleå in the north.

Different perspectives
 At each visit SWEAH has been discussed from different perspectives. Doctoral student, the supervisor, investigator and user. Cecilia has also informed about ongoing and planned activities in SWEAH.
 - I perceive that there is a great interest for SWEAH and the activities organized, says Cecilia Winberg and continues:

Cecilia Winberg
Cecilia Winberg presents the final report in Kristianstad.

Many ideas
- The interest is great, which you can both see on the number of people who have participated in the various meetings and through the active discussions we have had. There are many thoughts about SWEAH and many ideas and suggestions for future activities.
National networking
Particularly happy are SWEAH's partners with the Graduate School and the opportunities it provides in relation to the graduate students' work and national networking. The partners are also pleased with the postdoctoral course organized in 2016 and would like to see more organized in the future.
Knowledge dissemination
There is also a clear interest in how the knowledge generated in SWEAH should be spread and how to assist students after they have reached a PhD.
Text: Erik Skogh

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