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Speed dating that would not end. Visit to a Visualization Center with experiences for all senses. Travel grant receivers who told about foreign customs and research environments. SWEAH's PhD student day in Norrköping, on April 5, offered a full-featured program.

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The first doctoral student linked to SWEAH has presented her thesis. It happend on February 16 in Lund and offered a fruitful discussion about the future of home care for people with dementia. At a SWEAH-lecture the theoretical puzzle fell into place for Christina Bökberg, registered nurse and lecturer at Lund University.

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Tomorrow Friday, Christina Bökberg, doctoral student at the Department of Health Sciences, Lund University, will present her thesis. This is the first dissertation of a doctoral student linked to SWEAH. Title of the thesis is: Care and Services at home for the person with dementia. Structure, process, and outcomes. Mer info

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Cecilia Winberg, marketing manager for SWEAH, finished her national tour in Kristianstad, on 2 December 2016. A report of the day, plus a video interview with Cecilia Winberg about SWEAH has been released on: http://www.hkr.se/besok

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On 3-4 October, SWEAH held a workshop in Lund within the framework of the course "Theoretical Perspectives on methodological choices in research on aging and health". Two days dedicated to deepen the initial online discussions of the course with lectures and group discussions.

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